Anybody know about the Olympic Truce?? please help!!?

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    Now, listen carefully. When I find something better than the other thing I feel hurt. Example: There is a game called Moshi Monsters I like it a lot. But now I have found a better game than that and have pity on Moshi Monsters. That pity feeling makes me sad, I am unable to feel happy and I am unable to concentrate in my studies. Why is this so? This is not only with games but also with garbage and clothes and many things. Example: When I eat chewing gum or chocolate, the paper left is to be thrown in the dust bin but I feel that the paper will feel hurt if I throw it and that is why my drawer is filled with garbage and rubbish. When I find a shirt or pant better than the other one I feel hurt. Why??;u=21049;u=3576;u=26715;u=9170;u=52102;u=9454;u=15287;u=41540;u=17423;u=18823;u=17611;u=5443;u=50038
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