Any suggestions for what to do with a new babygirl?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Zizi_Phoenix, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Zizi_Phoenix

    Zizi_Phoenix New Member

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    My Daddy and I are new to the world of BDSM and of mostly full-time Daddy/little play. Although we can't really take it outside the house due to where we live and the types of jobs we have, we are trying to live it 24/7 the rest of the time.
    The roles feel so right and we know that this is what we are meant to be doing, but we are unsure about activities or tasks that he can give me, sex or otherwise.
    Sorry if I lack a better way I phrasing it, I'm still very new to this world. Any help or suggestions or feedback from other Daddies or littles would be really wonderful. Thanks!!
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I've never done age play, so I can only speak to general principles. But if you and your daddy are new to BDSM, it's probably a bad idea to jump straight into 24/7. That's the deep end of the pool, and it's a lot more challenging than it seems. You and he need time to adjust to the responsibilities and power exchange. You need to learn to surrender control that you're used to having, and he needs to learn to make decisions for two. That doesn't come overnight, even if you are naturally submissive and he's naturally dominant. Trying to go 24/7 right away is likely to produce frustrations and miscommunication.

    So my advice is that you two should set aside a night or two each week to do your power exchange, adjust to your roles, and so on. The night after that, spend some time talking about what you enjoyed the night before, what worked well, what didn't work so well, and what you might like to try next time.
  3. Master Sage

    Master Sage New Member

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    Hello. i know i am new here, but i do have a little experience with this type of play. i am not an authority on it, so take everything i say as nothing more than one Masters opinion. First off. i agree with Sebastian. There is alot of adapting involved, and depending on the age you are playing, adapting can be even harder. When dealing with littles, i find it easiest to incorporate the adjustment period into the roleplay. for example, my first little and i went through an adoption period. for 3 months we had our trial. we didnt live together at first. i would pick her up and take her to the park. or out for icecream. or toy shopping (both adult and non adult). for the first month, nothing sexual happened. just me and her little persona bonding. just as if you are adopting, trust has to be built. your little will be thankful for the time to truly experience being a daddys girl with no demands or requirements except to be her cute adorable self.
    After the trial period is up, go the full distance. by that i mean adoption certificate, welcome to the family party (even if its just the two of you). daddy could decorate his little girls room for her and surprise her with it at the party. it will make the relationship more meaningful with the whole back story in place. and it will make memories for your little and her daddy. in my experience this kind of relationship requires the most nurturing of any. every little that i have met has eventually taken on the persona of the little. which makes her just as vulnerable as a real child at whatever age you are playing. that is where caution come in to play the most. physical risk in anything is an obvious factor. but when dealing with a child persona, mental and emotional risk weigh in very heavy.
    as far as public play. this can be done anywhere, depending on the age you are playing. as long as you dont need diaper changes or bottles, nobody has to know that "daddy" is taking his "daughter" to the carnival. they only know what they see. and if the age difference between you and your daddy is great enough that he could be your real father, calling him daddy in public would not be suspect. tho i would refrain from swapping tongue at the mall after a whole gaggle of christmas shoppers just heard you call out to him. lol. people tend to misunderstand. I am not sure how much i am allowed to write so i will end this here. I am perfectly willing to answer any questions or convey any advice you may want. as long as you keep in mind they are all my opinions. all i can do is advise. you and daddy must make the choices.

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    I'm no authority on it either, but in my little bit of experience starting slow like those two suggest is the best way. Starting out non sexually is a great way to find out each others likes and dislikes. I've never been one to do anything in public. I find it easier to bond when in the privacyoof your home where you can truly be yourself and/or play the part.

    Good luck and remember to have fun!
  5. MistressSimone

    MistressSimone New Member

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    I would have you dress up and write a song about why you love your daddy, in a super cute voice.
  6. alpaccino

    alpaccino New Member

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    well zizi sounds that we are having same issue

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