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    Adventure in Bondage 4
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    If someone said "Show me the best that Anton has to offer", I would probably show them this excellent video. It features electrifying performances from 3 great models, top notch ropework by Jack Banner and the usual fine camera work and editing our customers have come to expect from our recent releases. One story runs through most of the video. Eve Ellis and Nina Neon are private detectives out to catch evil white slaver Tory Sinclair (one of the best bondage villains ever) and her sinister henchman Garth. The P.I.s enter the house seperately and are chloroformed by Garth. In sexy black lingerie, heels and hose, Eve is tightly bound with arms pulled up behind her. She wears a ballgag. Tory enters and torments her mercilessly, fondling her breasts and taunting her. Then, in just panties, Eve and Nina are securely bound and cloth-gagged side by side. Cruel Tory fondles both girls sensuously and forces them into contact with each other. When the girls get the better of the situation, Tory ends up bound and tape-gagged in hot green lingerie and heels. But Garth decides he's in charge and soon all three women are bound and gagged in beautiful lingerie. Garth has some fun with them...Eve is placed in a very tight hogtie and is ball-gagged. She looks incredible in latex dress and heels. Nina and Tory, also in dresses are bound in an awesome back to back position. In dresses and heels, all three women are bound with hands over heads in a dirty, scary garage. Eve is ball-gagged, Nina and Tory wear tape gags. But Tory makes a deal with Garth and soon they are friends again...and are preparing to ship Nina and Eve off to their new owners. There is some great acting in this video--Tory is perfect as the wicked white slaver and puts a lot of energy into tormenting her victims. Eve and Nina convey a wonderful mixture of feelings, from terrified helplessness to anger and frustration. A vignette with Stacy Burke follows. Stacy is nude and is tightly bound and ball-gagged. She struggles energetically. The video ends with some fabulous outtakes, some funny, some really hot!
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