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    Ever since I was a young child, I had this fixation for anonymity, mainly in the form of masks. I spent a great deal of time thinking about what it would be like to become a slave, or prisoner, of, say, a criminal who was desperate to avoid getting caught. Whether they would be able to trust me enough to let me see their face, and if not, I would wonder at the real reasons behind their desire/need to keep their face hidden.

    It was only last weekend when I was first able to turn one of my lifetime fantasies into a reality. My master took on the role of a house burglar, wearing a skimask and scruffy clothes. It was really scary at first, but I soon relaxed into it and really enjoyed it, allowing the fear I felt to blend with my arousal to give a more powerful impact.

    I want to do a lot more play with masks. We have a scenario planned in which my master owes a huge favour to a nasty Russian criminal, and so hands me over to this man to be used however he pleases. And the adoption of a fake accent is also very powerful; if the 'victim' has not seen the masked man/woman getting into costume, they might worry a little and wonder, is the person in the costume really their partner, or someone it shouldn't be? :eek:

    There are so many different scenarios that can be played out. As well as the two I have just mentioned, we also have an idea of him wearing perhaps a china doll mask, or one of those expressionless white ones, which I would find more frightening than a horror mask. Teamed with candles for an eerie glow, and silence from him except for the odd soft moan/grunt of pleasure, and lots of eye contact, this would be truly powerful.

    But I too would love to wear a mask, to be his slave. A full faced gas mask, to wear while I'm suspended for a flogging, or a leather gimp mask with zips for eyes and mouth, to wear with a collar and cuffs while I kneel on the floor, awaiting orders. And he too would wear the gimp mask, in order to punish me.

    It's not just masks though; it could be blindfolds too, or even a dirty phone call. I read a novel about a young woman who receives obscene phone calls, gifts in the mail etc., and although she was horrified, she was also highly aroused, and when she finally got to meet her pursuer, their encounter was unbelievably erotic.

    Is there anyone here who shares these fantasies?
  2. Phantasm

    Phantasm Member

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    The expressionless white ones are Kabuki masks, which are the staple of my mask... interest. Of course, you already know THAT, dear. ;)

    I not only find masks attractive for the reasons you mentioned, but I also find them attractive in and of themselves.

    Of course, not all masks are attractive to me.

    What is it that inspired this mask fantasy of yours, the thing that got it rolling for you? Or did you one day get up and ring you master and say "Could we do something with masks?" out of the blue?

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    I have no idea what started it in the beginning. I was only 7 or 8 years old when it first entered my head. It must have been something I saw on TV, or something...I'm a bit annoyed, now, that I can't remember :(

    About what made it a reality, though...funnily enough, we have you to thank for that, Phanty dearest! :D The posts you put in the 'sexual frustrations' thread, on the subject. I asked my master if he'd read that, he said yes, I expressed my interest, he revealed that it turned him on to think about too, and it went from there :)
  4. Phantasm

    Phantasm Member

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    Oh wow! I feel special!

    I don't know how I got into masks. I wish I did. Just... so hot. I'm hoping to get a certain someone into one, one day (you know what I'm talking about) ;)

    I made this face, when I read your post [​IMG]

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    Yeah, I know who you're talking about :)

    And as for feeling special, well, you are the Goddess... :D
  6. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    My main draw is for Venetian style masks, and i can honestly say it was the ballroom scene from the labyrinth that first brought this fascination to light for me. As I said in the other thread, I feel that the matching of the correct mask, with the proper scene makes for a crescendo of the atmosphere. A mask can say so much without ever uttering a sound, and it forces people to focus particularly hard on the body language of an individual, forcing that sub-conscious detection we all use, into a conscious light, and bringing with it the endorphins rush, and the adrenaline of the anonymity that is caused, even if you know who the person is.

    I've also found that when I'm not able to don a mask, be it at the store, the bank, or even the park, that a hat also suffices to attract the same subconscious attentions. people notice the hat, and although it seems out of place in modern society given the situation, they are transfixed by it, much the way you can become gazing into the iniquities of a mask. My hat of choice is often a fedora, and i have about 20 different designs and patters, ranging from plain, to wild, to covered with skulls and crossbones, to ones with feathers, to ones with coins and playing cards.

    In the end, if you ask people to describe the man that just walked through the room, you will get a dozen accurate descriptions of the hat... but 12 different descriptions of the wearer... ranges drastically in height, weight, hair color, face shape, even skin color. I did this test for my psychology class, and not a single person could describe my friend who came in to bring me my hat, when i asked to desgribe him, the all described him first as "He was wearing a white and black striped bolo hat..." and after that their was no consistent match of description.
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    That's really fascinating. I like the fact that people are willing to look beyond the surface, as it were, to look into the psychological aspects of this area.
  8. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    that, little puppy, is the main reason i got into this lifestyle.

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    And it's as good a reason as any :)

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    Ooh...I thought I'd come back to this thread to talk about this, as there was a discussion somewhere else yesterday about it, and then my master posted a pic of himself as 'Ghost', the silent creature who comes into my flat to tease and torment me.

    Anyway, he returned last night, dressed all in white, the white mask, and black leather gloves. The darkness of the bedroom was lit only by the glow of the electric fire (we wanted candles, but my smoke alarm is too sensitive to allow this) and I was tied to the bed.

    He came into the bedroom, his only sounds those of his breathing, moving slowly over me, sometimes touching, sometimes just watching me. The eye contact wasn't so easy in the poor light, but it was worth it to get the perfect atmosphere.

    So things went on, everything slow and easy, quite relaxed, and when he untied me I took to stroking his arm, stroking his face over the mask, returning the affection he was showing me. This was all such an intense turn on, and when I then began taunting him in a way that demanded answers, he simply nodded, shook his head or shrugged, and for some reason, these responses were more powerful than anything else that happened during this brief time...lovely *shudders with delight* ;)
  11. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    masks are a powerful tool. A lot of people use masks to adopt a different persona entirely, because donning the mask adds enough of a question about their identity to put them into a comfort zone.

    Personally, I think the only way i could allow myself to be willingly fully dominated is with a mask on. possibly kabuki style with the eyeshadow and lipstick... that would be intense.

    Also, I've ordered a black Bodysuit that covers the head and face entirely with mesh screening covering the eyes like the Halloween hoods. Its a blackout suit that also covers the hands and feet, as it has boots attached. Its made of Lycra and is very form fitting like some demented evil villian. I plan to use it as part of my new Sadist suit, as Ive found that as I grow in tastes and activity, my suit must change to match my persona... the latest that i invision, is this suit, with white Drill instructor gloves, and a kabuki mask.

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    Ooh, did you get round to doing this after? Post pics if you did? I'm curious now, to see this as described :)

    I bought myself a plain black fedora yesterday, with the intention of using it as part of a 'gangster's moll' scenario I had in mind, but then I realised that either my master or I could use it with the plain white mask we have, with a white shirt, black tie, black leather gloves...

    (the above idea inspired by Phantasm, based on a couple of pics she showed me a little while ago) :)
  13. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    I'm always using skull mask under my racing helmet+leather jacket+leather pants+boots+goves

    nice taste sparrow i have oni mask iron one

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    I think selective lighting would enhance scenarios like this.

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    I knew there was something else I needed to get from town :(

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