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  1. thinmint7

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    My Master and I are starting to work through anal training with plugs and beads. This is my first real dive into anal and am unsure of a few things. To start will probably use rubber or silicone toys- which would be the best lube for long term plugging? I keep reading suggestions of albertone (or whatever the face cream is called) but ive also read that vaseline can promote bacterial growth...

    I am also wondering which cleansing device would be best. I have a few bottles of fleet saline enema laxative which ive read people will use prior, but wont the laxative make you go not clean the colon for anal play?

    Any info would be great, I am really excited to start exploring!
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I do't have time for a full answer but re:lube

    - Don't use vaseline. It's not intended for internal use and will eat your condoms if you're using them.
    - Don't use face cream or anything else intended for external use either. Use a sexual lubricant. If you use condoms, get water based. If not, silicone based is probably the best.
  3. boyJay

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    The best lube that I have found for extended wear is called liquid silk. It's water based and works really well.
    The best plugs imho are the doc johnson there's something different about the silicone that doesn't seem to get as uncomfortable as the really slick shiny silicone plugs.
    Master does not require me to wear a harness with my plug so I can take it out as I need. But this also means that I need to carry around a small bottle of lube so I can put it back in.
    I hope this helps
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  5. Smallest

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    Try what now? The lack of content or sense in your posts is looking more like spam every time.
  6. matmitmot

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    you should try with a cream :)
  7. ShalaviNET

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  8. Pilzbauer

    Pilzbauer New Member

    I have a really good one for you.
    We have something called InstillaGel.
    You can buy it on the pharmacy.
    Its paralyse.
    My girlfriend doesent liked Analsex but with this it doesent hurt anymore
  9. Master Sage

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    Feminine itch creams, such as vagisil, contain 20% benzocaine. which is a numbing agent. and since the cream is made for vaginal use, it is obviously safe for internal use. dollar general sells a generic version for like $2. but if you arent worried about pain, then i am with boyjay. liquid silk is the best way to go.
  10. Scatandfart

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    I have used virgin olive oil sometimes, but lube, a lot of lube is the best.
  11. vokurka

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    yes, lube gel is better. :D
  12. revodrink

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