An Interesting First Meeting

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    A young man sits alone in a pub, sipping quietly at a pint of beer as he awaits the arrival of his mates. He is deep in thought and fails to notice the attention he is getting from other drinkers.

    This attention is hardly surprising. After all, this boy has a very striking appearance that sets him apart from everyone else. He is wearing a loose fitting black pirate shirt adorned with lace and ribbons, along with a pair of skintight leather trousers tucked into huge, chunky goth boots. His dyed black hair reaches down just past his shoulders, pulled into a plait secured with a black velvet ribbon, and his eyes are heavily outlined with black kohl.

    Although many people stare, they get over it quickly, and the boy is soon forgotten about.

    Except by one person.

    A very glamorous middle aged woman stands alone at the bar, sipping daintily at a glass of red wine. She is also dressed in black; a long, figure hugging velvet dress with a slit up one side almost to the hip, revealing long legs encased in nylon stockings and stiletto heeled boots, as well as lace gloves to her elbows, and a beaded choker encircling her slender throat. Her eyes are heavily made up with dark colours, her lips are painted a deep, luscious red, and her long dark hair is worn down to frame her beautiful face.

    The boy is completely oblivious to his admirer, until she leaves her place at the bar to approach his table. He looks up at her in surprise, but can't help moving his eyes appreciatively over that tall, slim body.

    'May I join you?'

    Her voice is unusually deep for a woman, but the boy finds he likes it. He casts a quick glance around the pub for any sign of his mates, but finding none, he smiles up at the woman in silent invitation.

    For a long while, the two sit there in silence, sipping their drinks and studying each other. The woman's stare is sharp, intent, and the boy finds himself growing aroused, but also a little afraid. She is very confident, and he senses that she is both strict and powerful. He feels his face getting hot, and takes a sip of his beer to try and calm himself.

    'Are you afraid of me?'

    The woman's tone is mocking. She knows instinctively that the boy is terrified of her, and this pleases her. He can be moulded so easily, she thinks with a sly smile. He will make a perfect little pet.

    'Answer me, boy,' she says sharply, placing her lace clad hand over his. He resists the urge to pull away, for some reason too scared to disobey her. 'I said, are you afraid of me?'

    'No,' the boy replies, but he can't look her in the eye as he says it.

    'You're lying to me.'

    It takes every shred of his willpower to look up at the intimidating woman. There is something in her stare that gives him a powerful twinge. As if she has noticed this, she lays a hand on his knee under the table and slides it up his thigh, right up to his cock, squeezing gently. He gasps sharply, and jumps as though he has been electrocuted.

    The woman laughs, cruel mockery mixed with delight and amusement. She has her prey right where she wants him now.

    'Finish your drink,' she orders quietly. 'It's time we moved on.'
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    The boy nervously obeys. His companion sets down her own empty glass and stands up, offering him her hand. Not sure what he is letting himself in for, but letting his excitement override his fear, he takes her hand and allows her to lead him out of the pub, thoughts of his friends completely forgotten.

    As though in a trance, he slides into the passenger seat of the woman's car. The drive is long and silent, the atmosphere between the pair thick with sexual tension.

    Almost before they know it, they have pulled up at the woman's house and she leads him into the hallway, whereupon she slams the boy roughly up against the front door and crushes her mouth onto his, her tongue greedily plundering. He is intoxicated by her hold over him and returns her kiss with an equally fierce passion.

    Just as the boy is starting to relax, the woman pulls away, laughing at his distress. Taking his hand, she leads him up the stairs and into a luxurious bedroom, pushing him onto the bed.

    'Dirty little boy,' she purrs, stroking his face gently. 'Dirty little slut boy. I bet you'd love me to play with your lovely cock, wouldn't you?'

    The boy swallows nervously and nods, too aroused to speak.

    'Thought so.' The woman laughs softly. 'Let's see it then.'

    As she speaks, she tugs at his belt, opening it up and tearing impatiently at his zip, pulling his trousers down. He has no underwear on, and as the trousers come down, something falls out and lands on the floor with a soft thud. The woman bends down and picks up a rolled up pair of socks, glancing at it, then at the smooth, hairless pink pussy she had definitely not expected to see.

    'What the fuck is this?' she demands quietly.

    'I - I was just - '

    'Shut up, bitch. You'll pay for lying to me, making yourself out to be something you're not.'

    Before the young 'drag king' can react, the woman has secured her wrists to either side of the headboard with leather cuffs. Her boots and leather trousers are removed, leaving her naked from the waist down, and deliciously vulnerable for this cruel woman to use and abuse however she pleases.

    'That's better,' she says, almost soothingly. 'Nice and secure. You won't be going anywhere in a hurry.'

    Given the look on the girl's face, thoughts of escape are undoubtedly the last thing on her mind. Her mistress smiles with satisfaction at how pliant, how willing, her new little pet has suddenly become.
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    'What can I do with you now, then?' she murmurs, straddling the defenceless body and whispering close to the girl's ear. She kisses her again, tugging the buttons of her pirate shirt open, tearing at the bandage the girl has used to bind her breasts to give herself a more masculine figure. Small but rounded breasts spill free, the nipples hard as bullets. The woman kneads the globes in her lace clad hands, palming the nipples hard and grazing them with the rough material, eliciting soft little moans, along with a surge of moisture from the soft pink pussy.

    'Oh, shit,' the woman groans suddenly, her voice becoming even deeper. 'I can't fucking keep this up any more.'

    Pulling up her dress, she tears viciously at her black lace panties. The girl gasps in shock as a long fat cock and two pendulous balls spring free.

    'Like it?' the man asks his captive, a dirty and positively irresistible grin tugging at his painted lips. 'Do you want to suck it, little boy?'

    In response the girl opens her mouth wide and takes him deep into her throat, sucking deep and hard, contracting her throat muscles to extract more pleasure from her sexy captor. He grunts harshly as she continues to work on him, hard, greedy sucks; he grabs her hair in tight handfuls, ruining her neat plait, winding it around his fists and holding her firmly in place, not that she actually wants to get away from him.

    Suddenly he gives a growl and pulls his cock from her mouth, taking himself in hand and stroking himself until he shoots his load, right over her face and tits.

    'Good girl,' he says softly, smiling at her affectionately. 'You enjoyed that, didn't you?'

    She nods her head, licking the spunk from around her mouth and savouring his taste.

    'Then I think you deserve a reward.'

    Without another word he buries his face in the soft, smooth folds of her pussy and devours her as greedily as she did him, lapping up every last drop of juice before moving up to her clit.

    'Look into my eyes,' he orders, his voice muffled in her pussy.

    The girl obeys, feeling her face reddening. She holds the man's gaze, loving the look of adoration in his eyes as the tip of his tongue caresses her bud expertly. Moans she can't control escape her throat as she bucks and twitches beneath his ministrations, giving herself up to the ultimate pleasure as he takes her up to the edge and then right over it.

    The man releases the girl from her restraints and they shower together. Then they are sat naked on his sofa, cuddling, his long hair brushing against her face and tickling her nipple. The girl gives a soft sigh of content, happy that she and her partner have finally played out the gender bending fantasy they have shared for a long time.
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  4. Prissy

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    I was expecting the mistress to be male, but the last line of the story I wasn't expecting.
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    Did you enjoy it though? ;)
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  6. Prissy

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    Loved it, sorry for forgetting to say that. I was rushed last night, I think.
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    I really liked this, it took a couple twists I wasn't expecting.
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  8. nix

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    That was great writing, setting up an apparently obvious twist - the twist of which turns out to be that the first twist was meant to be obvious and the real one swung out of nowhere. (Wow that's a... no pun intended... twisted sentence.)
    Awesome stuff!
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    Haha, glad you all enjoyed it! :D

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