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    Amour Partage is a unique, upscale and powerful style of D/s. It originated in Europe in the 50’s and was only actually taught and utilized within smaller groups. The only way in was word-of-mouth and the whole thing was kept very private and special. I fell in love with that aspect. I myself learned AP when I was 19yrs old which was 20 years ago and it has been quite a ride. I have been a Master Instructor for 14 of those yrs and have not regretted one moment.

    From the beginning, the human spirit has possessed qualities that sometimes go untapped or only partially used or understood. These parts however exist in all of us but are structured in a balance of sorts as will be explained in more detail as you read on.

    When anyone embarks on a journey into the life of Domination or Submission it is important to realize where your balance is. Some may possess a stronger element and more detailed driven nature to see into others and be able to guide or lead a situation best, while other might tend to be more of a caregiver, or have a spirit of hospitality. Your natural characteristics will determine your place as a Dom or a Submissive.

    In the many paths that exist today, there are so many harmful elements that have risen into the belief of what it is all about. While indeed some paths embrace a more intense approach and both parties seek that impact this does not mean it should be done in a harmful or degrading manner. In some paths, it is understood that the Submissive party will be torn down to be nothing more then a sexual toy or a pet. This mentality though enjoyed by many is not a productive or fruitful approach and in most cases will yield a bad side effect for the Submissive. Now let’s clarify one thing before I have everyone screaming at me. In Amour Partage you are absolutely able to partake in simple pet, slave, sexual fulfillment actions, but it all boils down to the approach of it and the approach from both parties. There is a healthy and harmful way to do just about anything.

    What is Amour Partage? The name comes from French which means "shared love". This says a lot actually as to what the direction and meaning of this unique path is. When we say Amour Partage we mean that each role, both the Dom and Submissive are entering a time and commitment together to offer the other love in their actions of submitting or dominating the other. It is combined with an understood respect for each other and a clear understanding of what the responsibilities are of each role.
    Amour Partage has always been a private affair. It has catered to a very unique member base and one of the unique factors about it is that the majority of the training is never written. It is taught verbally and only verbally.

    One area where AP is a bit different from some styles is the focus on spirit and energy and self development. While those who are in AP practice that style they are also developing deeper points of their own character, energy and what they offer to their partner. The AP community is very family oriented meaning we all support each other and have each other to go to and work through issues which arise, share positive happenings etc. By really expounding on ones self instead of just general D/s rules or formats makes that person a better Dom or sub from the AP view.

    In AP the approach and drive you put into your own self is what is projected outward into your sub or vice versa, therefore you don't want a sloppy or misled approach from the one over you or under you.
    Another focus is on dealing with the issues which sometimes arise in a relationship. Most often when issues develop between a Dom or sub it is due to both being at different levels and different understandings on what exactly it is they want or need. AP tackles that to help a sub connect with a Dom that meets that balance and vice versa.

    The concepts of the foundation are, I am sure, much like that of many other styles of D/s. As in religion, you can pull something good from almost every path. 

    To add an additional comment on the style itself, I have had many members say it was more like spiritual D/s than standard D/s if you can follow that. There is tons of focus on meditation between partners and truly connecting with each other whether for lifestyle, scenes, etc. So from that standpoint and due to the focus on self I can see why that would ring true.

    The Intro Class: In the Intro class we share a bit with each other, finding out a short summary of where others are coming from, what style they currently practice whether general traditional D/s or some other varied version. In addition, we discuss the differences of BDSM and D/s as to not lump them together. AP has a unique way of blending such things into the D/s life but still keeping them as separate tools to be used within that relationship.

    The teaching of this style is one that includes the development of ones own character and spirit. It requires dedication and commitment and is not designed for the basic Dom/Sub relationship. This is not a training for those wishing to only feed the fetish and sex aspects alone, or partake as "bedroom slave" etc.

    Regardless of which role you are intending to take on, everyone must learn the basics of submission. There is no Dom in Amour Partage that has not been and learned in the role of submission. To guide one, means to know one. This does not mean the Dom IS a sub. It merely means that the Dom learns the scope and views of a sub in order to be a better Dom. The same applies to subs. Within AP there is no switch roles present.
    I hope this offers a decent summary and overview of Amour Partage.
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    I will never trust a Dom that hasn't earned his/her stripes (ha ha) as a sub first. While I am pleased that some people enjoy BDSM as more than a 24/7 TPE torture & whoring party, you haven't really told us anything unique about Amour Partage that is more/less/different from traditional SSC D/s relationships with real people.
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    Who said that any AP Dom has not earned their stripes?? ALL Dom's in AP have to learn the full scope of a sub before training or moving into a place of a Dom. One important factor about AP though is that we do not believe nor teach "switch" roles. First take a moment to review our site if you desire and also take an Intro class...then you can toss your smart ass, comments around if you like :)
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    Clearly you're having trouble reading so I will type this very s-l-o-w-l-y
    So please, if you would like us to pay you money to tell us HOW to do your thing, It would be really, really helpful if you told us how you are any different than the hundreds of D/s methods/books/movies that are already established.
  5. AmourPartage

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    Arrogance is not something that makes you come across smarter, more powerful or educated. It makes you seem ignorant and unable to view other avenues.

    I think you did not read my post clearly nor understand its intent.

    As for why AP is different, feel free to take a class..... t-h-e-y a-r-e f-r-e-e
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    No, only the first on-line class is free. Read your own god damned website.

    And I'm not arrogant, I'm a skeptic. Your company sounds like a fly-by-night huckster scam (anonymous email contact and a phone number to somewhere in Florida) and I'm not about to let other people spend their money there until you can answer my simple question: How is Amour Partage ANY different than and other BDSM or D/s system currently being used in the scene?

    You avoid answering questions truthfully about as well as the LDS church. Your website has no links to peer reviewed anything. You have no scheduled "events" of any kind, just a website thats tells us to "come to a class" (which will cost an obscene sum of money I'm sure) and a couple generic B&W photos of professional models that have probably never heard of you.

    Does your cult have a book I might be able to read?
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  7. AmourPartage

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    While you might be a skeptic you show forth pure arrogance and narrow mindedness. Why don't you come off your high horse for one moment and READ. You have been invited to register at our website, take the free intro class and I am sure all your queries will be addressed :)

    You claim I have been untruthful which is simply not true. I have nothing to lie about lol

    This thread is for sharing about the style of D/s which I practice and teach, that is all.

    Not to excite the forum drama whores and use this thread to have to deal with people like yourself.

    So, YOU have not done what is required on my end. Come to a class and then judge to your hearts content.

    btw.....simply click the Events Calendar to view our upcoming classes etc. :)
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  8. 1. Your website is really pretty and I love the music.

    2. There is only one event scheduled for the next three months on your event calendar and it is an online event.

    3. From your website: "In some paths, it is understood that the Submissive party will be torn down to be nothing more than a sexual toy or a pet." So, just because Master and I don't practice your method means that my being is puppy is somehow the degraded form of being his pet? There are a few puppies, pussies, foxes and others on this site that I'm sure would disagree with you.

    4. Your site never says how AP is different from other styles of BDSM. I'd like to know more about it before I devote time from my life to take an online class that probably won't teach me much or shell out money for meeting with someone.

    5. Don't all BDSM relationships differ based upon the desires and limits of the people involved? What gives anyone the right to say that the way they practice BDSM, they way they live their life in some cases, is wrong?

    I really think you need more facts on your site. Maybe give examples or testimonials, then I might be more inclined to learn about it. Right now the only difference I see between AP and the relationship Master and I have is the clothes and the snobbery.
  9. AmourPartage

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    Please read my replies below

    Thanks :)

    Amour Partage has not been a public focus until recently. I do not list all private classes, training etc on the calendar and right now I only feature and show current scheduled events. Online classes are scheduled based on participants and their schedules.

    You are not taking in the full scope of what AP is about. I am not saying that anyone is "wrong" I am merely presenting the focus and standpoint from Amour Partage. Also, I am sure that there are many other styles that reflect good qualities and the bottom line is that AP is open to who finds that it connects with their goals and desires of what they want out of their D/s experience. You being a puppy or whatnot is certainly something you do on your own and based on whatever needs and desires you choose to have and share with your Master. There is certainly nothing wrong in that from an AP standpoint. You must understand that Amour Partage is a style of its own. If you don't agree with it, than move on :) If you find it interesting than it is open for you to explore. No one forces you to be Christian, Buddhist, Pagan etc...they are choices, same with D/s and BDSM styles.

    The Online Intro Class is free. Attending it is up to you. Further Amour Partage is NOT a style of BDSM.

    Again, AP is NOT a style of BDSM it is a style of D/s and there IS a difference. I am not saying anything about others here. I am presenting Amour Partage. If you don't like the views then Amour Partage is simply not for you :)

    I really think you need more facts on your site. Maybe give examples or testimonials, then I might be more inclined to learn about it. Right now the only difference I see between AP and the relationship Master and I have is the clothes and the snobbery.

    As far as facts go, I base on the AP standpoint and the AP facts :) Testimonials will be shared of course but AP is a real life interactive style. It is not just an online website of info. Therefore, don't be so quick to judge or accuse a position when you are not entirely sure what the position is. Amour Partage is and always has been unto itself and the website merely serves as a vehicle to bring that info to the public. If you take care in reading it, you will see that many areas of AP are never written and nor will they be. Not here nor on our website. They are shared and taught verbally only as it has been since its foundation :)

    And so far I have only experienced snobs on this forum lol....and not sure about your clothing comment but I make no reference to clothing lol
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  10. ReallyGreen

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    Because it didn't exist until I made it up. There is no "school" nobody in 'Europe' (I love how its always "Europe", heaven forbid you so much as give a country of origin)

    Well, yes. You refuse to tell us anything except at your recruitment/class/cult meeting

    We are not wrong until we question Amour Partage. Then we are "a smart ass", "arrogant", "Ignorant", "narrow minded", "drama whore" and you came in riding "a high horse".

    Please, replace 'amour partage' or 'AP' with any other institution and the doublespeak dreck works just as well: "I'm certain there are many other religions that reflect good qualities and the bottom line is that the Church of Latter-Day Saints is open to who finds it connects with their goals and desires of what they want out of their spiritual experience." (Not to pick on LDS, but feel free to substitute Freemasons, Opus Dei, NAMBLA, Al Qu'eda, Hell's Angels MC, etc)

    By then we've already cashed your $5000 check for the 3-day seminar and 1-on-1 training.

    Which you refuse to tell us even one fact. How about this. Does Amour Partage teach about the use of aromatherapy in a D/s lifestyle and have scientific peer-reviewed studies about how the smell of coconut or jasmine will increase or decrease a persons susceptibility to entering a state of altered awareness? (ie. subspace). If not aroma, how about color, music, nutrition?

    "will be shared". Not "are shared".

    Yes, please make an informed decision. Oh wait, there is no information before you sign-up to take the first class.

    Less evidence to use in court in the event of an "accident" during training. Or more plausibly, you're just making shit up as you go along, with no manifesto, charter, rulebook or curriculum of any sort who can say otherwise?

    I enjoy things like facts, making well informed choices regarding my sexual practices and I also happen to enjoy my audiophile stereo and eat gourmet food. So if that makes me an elitist snob then thats just fine with me. I don't have to use deceptive practices to trick people into giving me money for information, just ask me (I'm not asking you to tell all your trade secrets, how about an introductory paragraph, maybe a nice chart or something). Like most responsible persons on this and other websites we readily give-away our knowledge and information for the love of the lifestyle and our fellow man.

    You refuse to tell us anything until we take your "class". I'm sure your next post will attack me instead of correcting any inaccuracies I have about Amour Partage because your 'sales tactics' so far have been nothing but browbeating and avoidance.
  11. AmourPartage

    AmourPartage Member

    To correct your "inaccuracy" would be to remove you from this thread entirely. Every single thing you have tried to state is wrong, a lie and misguided entirely. You have no clue what you are even attacking anymore.

    If you don't like AP, leave it alone! I could care less if you approve or decline it. I have stated nothing wrong, nor have I lied or misled a single point from my end.

    If you want to know more about AP, TAKE THE FREE FUCKING CLASS!! You are such a fucking idiot I swear and to think you actually take the time to do this shit it is unreal.

    And me on my high horse?? OMG who attacked and judged right off on something they know nothing about?? YOU. So before you keep going and spreading bullshit and accusations......learn more about what you are trying to argue.

    Amour Partage is not for everyone and it is certainly not for you. But if you feel differently then by all means, you are still welcome to sit in on an Intro class - If not then by all means go on your own way!

    This thread is not for your slander anymore and there is no reason for it. Be an adult and stop acting 12. If you consider yourself seasoned as a Dom or a MAster...I feel for anyone who would submit to you.

    *** nvm last comment...just saw you were titled as a submissive there is a joke***
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  12. ReallyGreen

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    So fucking inform us already!

    You haven't lied, I never said you did. But you are misleading.

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the person who will take your money and "teach" you something.

    No dipshit, you said I had to come off a high horse. I called you a fucking huckster and all you do is get fucking hissy and avoid answering any questions.

    I didn't attack you first. I asked you to clarify Amour Partage (see thread post number 2) and YOU called ME a smartass. I know nothing about AP, because you won't tell us anything.

    The burden of proof lies with the believer. You say AP is so wonderful, tell us why. All I see is a fucking conman trying to make a buck.

    Because I don't fall for your fucking used car salesman tricks?

    In law, defamation (also called calumny, libel, slander, and vilification) is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image. It is often, but not always,[1] a requirement that this claim be false, and, or alternatively, that the publication is made to someone other than the person defamed.

    So, if I made an informed AND untrue statement about AP then it would be libel not slander.

    I can't slander you until I give false information. You HAVE NO information. You are NOT accredited to teach. You came to this website trying to sell your D/s sizzle and nobody can smell any fucking meat cooking.
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  13. AmourPartage

    AmourPartage Member

    I have not been in AP for over 20 yrs to make a buck. If you want to know more about AP why won't you listen? To learn more and truly gain the details you are asking all you have to do is take an Intro class LOL it is free and cost you nothing but time...if you are even truly interested.

    All I see from you is a disgruntled little submissive who needs a better Dom lol sorry but my opinion.

    My original post (post number 1) is a summary about AP. I invited anyone interested to visit website. Nothing wrong there.

    And by saying AP doesn't exist simply cause you didn't know about it is purely silly. lol Are you the end all answer to D/s styles around the world?
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  14. ReallyGreen

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    Post # 10
    And in case you were keeping track post #11 line-for-line was

    Avoidance + browbeating
    still trying to make a sale!!!
    feigned disgust meets veiled legal action.

    This is fun! Please post again, I'll make coffee!

    I'm ReallyGreen and I approve this message.
  15. AmourPartage

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    OMG are you 3?? LOL

    Sweetie in what planet can you take my approach as a car salesman? And what the fuck are you even after? In fact I have addressed your queries cause the info is not only here but on my site! and anything not there is shared in an Intro Class which is available to all who want it.

    So what is your issue??

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