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Discussion in 'Stories' started by Susan Strict, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Susan Strict

    Susan Strict Member

    As some of you may have noticed, Amazon have just removed thousands of books from their erotica section on Kindle. This type of censorship, particularly for books that have been sold for many years without a problem, is ridiculous.

    Firstly, I would encourage anyone with a Kindle account to complain. Although it’s unlikely to have much effect, if enough people do it then perhaps Amazon will take notice.

    All the books that Amazon have “banned†are available FOR KINDLE from other online retailers – A1AdulteBooks and Smashwords, among others, have all the titles.
    On A1AdulteBooks there is an option specifically for “Send this book to my Kindleâ€, on others, downloading the “.prc†("Mobipocket") version and emailing it to your Kindle will work perfectly.

    Please, don’t let Amazon get away with this sort of unilateral censorship.

    Susan Strict
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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Ugh, I didn't realize this was happening again. You can also buy from AllRomanceEbooks and directly from many erotic publishers' websites, just make sure you're getting kindle/mobi/prc files. For kobo it's .epub.
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  3. Susan Strict

    Susan Strict Member

    AllRomanceEbooks ban most of the steamier BDSM. Only a very few of ours (Strict Publishing) are on there.

    To be fair, Amazon's last few rounds of banning were quite rightly to remove content like underage sex and incest etc. Which really is stuff that no one in their right mind wants to fantasize about (although they went a bit too far, in my opinion, with the interpretation of "incest" - the "mother-in-law" theme, and similar, is a common fantasy, but anything like that was banned).
    But this seems to have taken out almost anything vaguely related to BDSM except the most vanilla, non-sexual themes. Are we all going to be limited to 50 Shades of Grey? There's hardly even one shade of BDSM left....
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  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Yes, I know what you mean, and it was mostly driven by paypal's little religious freakout a couple years ago. I didn't know ARE banned it, I have an acquaintance with pseudoincest on there so I assumed BDSM would be fine.

    And yes again, the finer screening of certain subjects that were basically glorified abuse was a right and positive move (although you'd think that would take 50 Shades, ahaha), but they didn't execute or write the rules well when that happened. I know at one point due to the Paypal outburst Daddy/girl roleplay was banned from several publishers, as well as pony or puppy play.

    Sticking this, because even if Amazon sorts itself out knowing other resources is important.
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  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    On a less serious note, I was looking for an old thread similar to this and found it (nothing relevant enough to add here), and had to laugh because I was accosted in the thread about where you could find BDSM and taboo books by a girl saying this forum was more censorious than anywhere else on the internet, because I took her stories down for incest and underage characters.
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  6. Susan Strict

    Susan Strict Member

    A good source of the more explicit ebooks is Taboo Reading. It's mainly self-published authors, those published by Fiction4All (A1AdulteBooks) who own the site and a very few small publishers who don't sell direct from their own sites (like my little publishing business). Censorship is minimal.

    Direct links to some of the steamier authors are:
    John Savage, Candace Smith. Grendel Butler. Greg Cline, Wheldrake, Dr Jane Foxx, Stella Fyre, Commander James Bondage,
    Lindsey Brooks.

    And, of course, MINE ! ;) and the ones I wrote jointly (alternate chapters, mostly) with John Savage
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  7. ForcebiCuck40

    ForcebiCuck40 New Member

    Thank you for the tip,Susan!!
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  8. Nyrket1

    Nyrket1 Active Member

    Thank you!
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  9. tongueworker

    tongueworker New Member

    It is the recent tendency of US-American "political correctness" and moralisme. You may publish the utmost cruel and perverted images and stories of killing a human-being on www. but NEVER in connection with SEX!! Kill the enemy by slaughtering him/her,, destroy masses of people, bomb civilists and kids -- but NO SEX ! It is the new hypocricy of morality coming from the US. What a "good" world we live in!!

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