Amandas second session

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  1. Seattledom

    Seattledom Member

    This is amandas second session with me, was much harder on her this time :)

  2. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    good work. I love the marks the ropes leave after removed.
  3. subspace

    subspace Member

    Oh wow! Love the marks - hot!
  4. Seattledom

    Seattledom Member

    Next weekend I should have some even better marks to show you, playing with a new girl who is a red head and marks easily and she says 'I want lots of marks, that will last days'.
  5. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    awesome... she sounds like a winner.
  6. nix

    nix Guest

    I don't often ask for this sort of thing, but can I put in a request? If you can, could you please leave her with red rings going all the way up around her legs?

    If you can't then I understand, it's just something I'd love to see on a redhead so I figured I should just go ahead and ask anyway. :)
  7. Seattledom

    Seattledom Member

    Rings? I'll give it a shot, but the only way I can think to do proper rings would be rope burns, I'll have to discuss it with her.
  8. Seattledom

    Seattledom Member

    This is what I'll be working with on Friday/Saturday

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  9. subspace

    subspace Member

    Rope burns? Humm.... can't wait to see the pictures!
  10. Amuk

    Amuk Member

    Just noticed that the tattoo on her lower back is the same symbol as my avatar.

    Also, very nice pictures, Seattledom.
  11. barsh46

    barsh46 Banned

    rubber bands


    How about rubber bands around her tits and binder clips on her nipples.
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