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    It's been suggested to me that it's not a full on role play, more of an aspect for a more nurturing D/s relationship. From what I could find, I saw several levels.

    However, if that IS the case, I suppose what I have in mind is more designed to training, control and kink.

    So for the moment, I'll say I have a fantasy that I would like to fullfill reguarding a "daddy" senerio.

    Pm if you're serious.


    I have been think about this for while now on and off over the last 2 years..I also have to admit the more kinky and complex it comes, the more turned on I am. I know the THOUGHT is certainly very appealing. I'm wondering if it would suit me more as I'm not into hard pain/humiliation.

    I really like the idea of Daddy giving permission for things I take for granted:
    Going to the Bathroom, Getting a drink...

    While I'm not into Watersports much, I like the idea of Daddy asking me number 1 or number 2...did I wipe, etc..

    I like the idea that Daddy would have to hurt me a bit to teach me how to be a good/big girl.

    I like the idea of Daddy teaching his little girl the "right words" for "parts" and saying them.

    I can be shy/nervous and I like the idea that Daddy will insist on his Little Girl talking to him, voice. Frankly this is something I've never much been pushed it, mild though it may be. I think I'd benefit. While I can answer anything in text, it MIGHT be good for me to over come this flaw.

    Overall I am turned on by the idea of a daddy teaching, training and molding his Little girl. I like the idea of gentle yet FIRM.
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