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    A tale of Female Domination and training of disobedient men

    “Alice’s Playground” is a novel by Candace Smith, edited by Susan Strict and published by Strict Publishing International. Candace writes Femdom, steamy romance, sci-fi romance and BDSM literature.
    “Alice’s Playground” proved to be too steamy for Amazon, but is available for Kindle and all good ebook readers from Taboo Reading and many other retailers.

    To say that Alice was petite would be understatement, as she stood exactly five feet tall. She kept her hair flowing down to her waist, and she had nice firm breasts, a tiny waist, and a perky little bottom. Although she was almost thirty, Alice could easily pass for eighteen.

    Alice looked even younger when she coaxed men home for her games, and dressed in the ruffled petticoats and black shiny shoes that had always enamored her daddy. With her hair in braids and tied with bows, her innocent blue eyes completed the fantasy for many men whose cocks swelled with the thought of spanking her bottom.

    After they were finished reddening her bared cheeks, Alice felt justified leading the despicable bastards downstairs. While the men considered how the little minx was going to tease them and satisfy their passion, Alice smiled sweetly and opened the door that led to her playground.

    She had purchased the house in a secluded wooded area and had cleared the entire basement. It was carpeted with plastic green grass that was easily hosed down when necessary. There were fake trees, jungle gyms, swings and teeter-totters. In the center of the room sat a table and chairs for tea parties, where Alice could sit and watch her playmates. Her playground had all sorts of fun equipment that had been slightly altered for her enjoyment. Alice even had an oversized doghouse, sitting in a corner and close to a door that led to the dog run outside.

    With her usual shrewd manner, Alice had quietly acquired the reputation of correcting husbands with wandering eyes or domineering behavior their wives had grown tired of. By the time Alice led them around the circuit of her playground in her basement, the husbands were returned with a new appreciation of their wives. The games gave Alice the same delightful feeling that she had experienced when she had ruined her daddy.

    Alice was paid very well for her services, and she had a rather long list of potential ‘daddies’ to bring home. She thumbed through files and arranged them according to the price their wives were willing to pay. The infraction and despicable behavior of the man was never the concern for Alice. As long as she had a ‘daddy’ to play with, her selection was based solely on money.

    ‘Harold Turner’. Alice opened the file and she scanned the usual details of his wife’s complaint. Another bastard who controls the money. Harold doled out such pitiful funds to his wife that Alice was surprised she had saved enough to make it to the first file position. As required, Shirley had listed their finances. Harold had memberships to private clubs, cars and boats and custom tailored suits… while his wife was forced to join charities and clubs that would enhance his position in the community.

    Alice sighed and she picked up the phone. “Shirley? Alice. This weekend?” The woman said they were planning a trip for two weeks. “He’ll be dropped for a month, then. Bye.”

    Shit. Alice studied choice number two. It was still an outrageous sum for such enjoyment. Alice read the details, and then she looked at his picture. ‘Michael Whitaker’. Alice studied the dark eyes, rakishly styled dark wavy hair, and the muscular body of the man. He looked like a cheater, and Alice knew that she would have no problem seducing him to her house. A light drugging would allow her time to get the restraints and corrective devices applied to him.

    “Margie? Alice. This weekend?”

    Margie was thrilled. She had expected to have to wait through two more of Michael’s affairs and another three months to get her husband under control. “Oh god, Alice. I had no idea it would be so soon. Thank you so much.”

    “Where will he be?” Alice scribbled the name of a private club the man had been meeting his current mistress at. “You make the excuses with work and friends,” Alice reminded her. She hung up the phone and rubbed her temples. Talking with the wives always gave her a headache.

    Margie had already decided to follow her friend Paula’s lead and use the ploy of an out of town emergency. Hank had come back from his time with Alice a completely changed man. Paula now had complete control over their money, and a husband who followed her every command. Margie decided that if Michael could be trained to be as deliciously submissive as Hank, it was well worth the struggle she had made to save the money she had needed.

    Paula had been the one to suggest Alice to Margie. She had seen her friend’s husband with another woman, while Margie waited at home for him. It had still taken her a month to convince Margie to give Alice a call. When Margie had hesitated at the cost, Paula had suggested she use Michael’s money for the modification when he was returned and more than willing to sign over his accounts to her.

    Two days passed, and Alice had spent the time making sure that her playground was in order. The equipment was clean and the bright paint shined, and her toy chest was stocked with the items she would need. She took one last look around her playground, and then she switched off the light and climbed the stairs.

    Alice stood before her mirror and turned sideways, making sure her short skirt was tight enough to outline her perky, rounded bottom. She never questioned why men seemed to delight in her suggestion to enjoy corporal punishment. It had been ingrained into her memory as something they enjoyed the only time her daddy had spanked her. Alice remembered that horrible day… and the sadistically pleased smile on her daddy’s face.

    Alice left her long hair loose and she checked her light makeup. It was the perfect amount for the beautiful woman, allowing her innocent qualities to show through and intrigue. Alice was comfortable with her dual attraction, and she was an expert at manipulating men with both the promise of a seductive siren and the naughtiness of a little girl.

    When Alice entered the club, she spotted Michael sitting with a garishly made up blonde in the corner. The woman was drinking martinis and leaning against him possessively, while Michael sipped from his rocks glass. He was smiling and pretending to listen to whatever the woman was saying, but Alice could see by the look in his eyes that the philandering husband was far more interested in the physical pleasure he expected to enjoy.
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    Alice sat at the bar next to the cocktail waitress station, noting which server was working their section. She glared when the bartender asked for her identification before he would pour her glass of wine. He smiled and mentioned how young she looked… and Alice wanted to rip his testicles off and shove them down his throat. Instead, she smiled sweetly and thanked him.

    Alice watched Michael signal to their waitress that they were ready for another round of drinks. The server was either new or just not very attentive, because it took him several attempts. Alice was worried that he might loose patience and decide to take his physical pleasure early. This would disrupt her plans, and it pissed her off.

    When the waitress came back to the serving station and began flirting with the bartender, Alice said, “Excuse me, but I think that couple is trying to order.†She pointed to Michael and his date.

    “Gosh,†the server muttered in an irritated manner, “it’s their third round, and they haven’t even been here an hour.â€

    Alice decided she must be justifying the lousy job she was doing. It’s a lounge, for god’s sakes. Why the hell do you think people come here? Alice felt her headache building, and she fought to get it under control and concentrate of her plan before it settled into a migraine. She had hated dealing with the public since the stupid girls in school used to torment and tease her.

    Alice waited until the drinks were on the waitress’ tray, and then she dropped her purse on the young woman’s foot. It distracted the server and she bent down to retrieve it. Alice turned in her chair, and casually passed her hand over the drinks. She poured the clear liquid from the small vial hidden in her palm into the mistress’ long stemmed glass. Alice managed to force a smile, and she tipped the girl five dollars for picking up her purse.

    Alice watched the waitress deliver the order, and then she slid off her barstool and picked up her wine. She sauntered over to an empty table beside their booth and, placing her glass in front of a chair, she stretched and leaned over the table to pickup the second menu. The maneuver managed to thrust her bottom up quite nicely, and she turned and smiled coyly at the man. Alice saw that Michael’s eyes were still focusing on her ass. When they finally rose, she murmured in explanation, “I’m alone, this evening.†Alice turned to his companion and she smiled at the nasty look the blonde gave her.

    Alice made sure to meet his eyes several times while the couple sipped their drinks. Blondie was becoming much louder with her protests whenever she caught Michael looking at the little brunette. “She’s probably a hooker, Mikey. Why the fuck else would she be here by herself?â€

    “Amanda, for god’s sakes keep your voice down,†he demanded, looking more uncomfortable and upset with each of her increasing outbursts.

    The next time she caught him glancing at Alice, she grabbed his chin, and turning his face towards her she plastered and mashed her red lips over his. Her hands ruffled frantically through his hair in an exaggerated passionate display. Michael sat back and glared at her while he wiped off the lipstick with his napkin and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to straighten the mess she had made.

    Michael looked extremely uncomfortable, and he scanned the lounge noticing that a few people were discretely watching them. Attention was not exactly something he needed, in case any of the patrons knew Margie. When he glanced at the quiet little brunette sitting near them, she gave him a commiserating look. He rolled his eyes towards Amanda to indicate his frustration. It made him feel a little better when the young woman with the really nice derriere gave him a little smile of understanding. Amanda began another brash display that had Michael cringing and trying to silence her. He noticed the brunette stare at her wine while Amanda’s tirades increased.

    Towards the end of her martini, Amanda slammed her hands on the table. Other patrons silenced and turned to stare at them. Amanda blurted loudly, “Why don’t you just screw her on the table, Michael?â€

    Alice looked up with an expression of alarm, and she pouted a trembling bottom lip while quickly rising to her feet with tears of embarrassment in her eyes. She ran towards the door without looking behind her.

    Michael pried Amanda’s clawing grip from around his neck. “What the hell is wrong with you?†he hissed. While some of the men’s gazes had followed the pretty brunette towards the door, several women were still staring at couple in the booth. Fuck, I hope that’s not Isabelle Santini, Michael thought. He was fairly certain that she still played bridge with Margie on Thursdays.

    I gotta’ get the hell out of here. Maybe I can catch the brunette in the parking lot and the night won’t be a total bust. Michael managed to detach himself from Amanda long enough to slide out of the booth. He strode quickly towards the bar and tossed some money at their waitress. “This should cover my bill, and have someone call a taxi for my date.â€

    He had seen the little woman push through the door and he caught up to her while she was fumbling with her keys to unlock her car. “God, I am so sorry. I don’t know what got into her, tonight.â€

    Alice looked up through her swimming blue eyes and she forced a smile. “It’s just not my night. My boyfriend dumped me and I thought I could come here for a quiet drink to think things over. I shouldn’t have been staring at you, but you looked as though you could use a commiserating ally.â€

    Damn, she’s a pretty little thing. Michael looked her up and down. She was a perfect miniature woman with a seductive appeal, and he had never seen anyone like her. “Amanda’s not usually like that. Really, I’m so sorry she embarrassed you.â€

    She didn’t embarrass me, stupid. You were the one sitting with the bitch. Alice let a fat tear drip down her cheek and she watched his dark eyes follow it. Yes, he likes the little girl in distress who needs a big man to protect her. “It’s just that tonight has been difficult for me. I’ve been dating Tom for six months, and I know I’ll never find another man who can make me feel as special as he did.â€

    Michael looked at the pretty little woman and he could not fathom anyone breaking her heart. She was like a little china doll, and he realized she reminded him of a little girl. Her dress hugged her shape though, and proved that she was every bit a woman. The paradox intrigued him… more than intrigued him, he realized. The thought of having sex with her was arousing him, and his cock was responding with a swelling vengeance.

    “Maybe we could go someplace else for a drink?†he suggested. Michael was surprised she was even talking to him, after the scene in the lounge.

    Alice finally managed to open her door and she swung her legs inside the car. “No, thank you. I think tonight has been disastrous enough.†She closed the door.

    Michael turned to walk away. Dammit, Amanda. He turned around again when he heard her engine grinding.

    The kill switch Alice pushed would not let her car’s engine turnover. It made a delightful whining sound, and from the corner of her eye she watched the man walking back towards her. Alice laid her head on the steering wheel and she pretended to cry.

    Michael knocked on her window and Alice looked up with sad, distressed eyes. She opened the window and faked a small laugh. “I keep thinking tonight can’t get any worse.â€

    To Michael, the night was looking better. He smiled, and said, “Let me drive you home. It’s the least I can do after the scene inside, and I think you’re right, honey. You’d better call it a night.â€

    Alice had already arranged for Margie to drive her car home, and she had left the spare keys on top of her tire. If Michael had been paying more attention to his surroundings instead of flirting with her and pawing the blonde, he would have noticed his wife was sitting at the other end of the bar.

    Isabelle had graciously offered to drive Margie to the club, and she blocked Michael’s view of his wife whenever he glanced in their direction. She had been informing Margie what a wonderful job Alice had done with Ricardo, and calming her down with encouraging words of how Michael would come back to her as a changed man.

    Alice looked up with innocent uncertainty. “Are you sure? I live past the Duclay Country Club.â€

    That had been a coincidence. Margie and Michael had a home on the eighth fairway, so it would be no problem for Margie to transfer the cars. In another inane ‘wifey’ conversation, Margie had told Alice she was ready to park her luxury sedan and cruise around in Michael’s red convertible while he was busy with Alice. Like I give a shit? Why the hell do these stupid women who can’t control their husband’s cocks, always want to be best girlfriends with me? God, the wives were irritating.

    Michael gave her his most charming, rakish smile. “I’m going that direction.â€

    Alice looked back at the restaurant. “What about your date?â€

    “I don’t like a demanding woman who makes a scene like that, and I left the cab fare for her,†Michael dismissed. He had no idea what had caused Amanda to veer from her usually seductive, purring mood and turn into a jealous bitch. Actually, he had girlfriends become overly possessive before and he dumped them. It had just never happened on their third date. Michael was feeling lucky for discovering Amanda’s nasty trait so soon… and already finding a potential replacement.
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    Alice swung her legs out of the car and they walked to his sports coupe with his hand resting on the small of her back. The closer they got to his car, the more his hand drifted towards her bottom. It actually did caress over her cheeks when he bent to unlock the car door. She turned and smiled sweetly, and held out her hand. “I’m Alice.â€

    Michael held her tiny hand, once again intrigued by her size. He kissed her knuckles and did not release her until she was sitting in his passenger seat. “I’m Michael. It is certainly a pleasure to meet you, Alice.â€

    As they drove, Michael asked, “So, what did this loser who dumped you do to make you feel so special?†Alice squirmed in her seat and she stared through the windshield. “Alice?â€

    She looked down at her lap and folded her little girl hands. “It’s somewhat embarrassing,†she said quietly.

    Michael felt his balls draw up as he tried to imagine erotic scenarios with the beautiful girl. He was surprised when she looked out through the window again, and she murmured, “He liked to spank me.â€

    Holy shit. Michael almost swerved off the road.

    Alice stared at him with her blue eyes wide and shocked with her confession. “I know it sounds stupid. It’s just that… I don’t know.†She sounded flustered. “I found out that it gets me excited.†She stared at her hands again, and in her sweet little voice she suggested, “Now you know why it’s going to make it difficult to find someone else.â€

    Michael was not sure how to respond to her statement, but his mouth was too dry to speak, anyway. His cock had swelled to a painful throb, and his mind traveled to scenes of her bottom bending over the table in the club while he paddled her. He had gotten a little rough with women in the past, but nothing more than holding their wrists or forcing their heads into his lap. Even those slight domineering actions aroused him, and the thought of spanking this little woman’s bottom was quickly becoming an obsession.

    When they arrived at her house, Alice invited him in for a drink. Michael was surprised to see such a large, secluded estate. He thought she might live in one of the condominium apartments near the west gate of the golf course.

    When she left the room, Michael studied the pictures on the walls for an indication of parents who might actually own the house. There were no personal photographs in the room and although expensive, the paintings on the walls all looked somewhat juvenile. The furnishings were plush and frilly pastels, giving the room a completely feminine look. Michael decided the softness suited Alice, and he smiled to complement her decorating efforts when he heard her footsteps approaching from the hall. The words froze on his lips before he could speak, and then he smiled.

    Alice held a small serving tray with their drinks and she had changed her outfit. Her hair hung down in long braids, tied with satin bows that matched her eyes. Her fluffy skirted short dress was a mass of ruffles, ending at the top of her thighs. Michael watched as Alice turned her flat shiny black shoes, and she twisted one ankle so that her foot balanced on the toe. She bent over and her big blue eyes widened. “Here’s your drink, daddy.â€

    Michael saw the creamy flesh of her bare bottom and his fingers itched. Holy shit. And to think I was going to settle for a half-assed blowjob from Amanda tonight. He was startled, and trying to figure out how to respond, and he reached for the glass and took a long drink. Alice took hers, and then she bent over to place the tray on the table. She made sure her legs were slightly bent so that he could see her little girl naked pussy between her spread thighs. Oh my god.

    Alice sat on his lap and she clinked glasses with him. He had not said a word and appeared to be frozen, though his eyes were filled with lust. Alice stroked a finger along his jaw line. She stared into his eyes and said softly, “So, you see why it’s going to be difficult for me?â€

    Michael’s throat was tight, and he knew damn well that she had to feel the erection pressing into her bare bottom. “Actually, Alice,†his voice was almost a croak, and he swigged some more scotch. “I think your boyfriend must be crazy to let you go.â€

    Alice’s face broke into a huge smile, and Michael was amazed that she could transform into such a child. “He told me that lots of guys had this fantasy. I thought maybe he was just telling me that so I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious. I think most people might feel uncomfortable with it, but I find it exciting.†Her eyes flashed with seductive playfulness.

    Michael downed half his drink. “No, though I do have to admit that this is new to me. It’s something I never considered, but I can assure you, Alice, that I find this whole scene extremely arousing.â€

    Alice waited until his drink was almost gone, while sipping slowly on her cocktail. She laid her glass on the table and wrapped her arms around his neck. Alice stared into his eyes and she pouted. “I’ve been a very, very naughty girl, daddy.â€

    Michael leaned forward and brushed his lips against her pout. “And what do you think we should do about that, Alice?†he whispered. His mind twisted and blended the vision of the petite, sophisticated woman he had first met, and the little girl enchantress sitting on his lap. Michael was enthralled with her and feeling slightly ‘naughty’ himself for allowing her seduction. This game was exciting him. The proof was in his swollen cock and the balls that were pulsing with anticipation.

    No matter what this version of Alice had in mind, Michael was confident her plans would include fucking later. He was not surprised that his handsome dark looks had caught her attention. Finding willing partners had never been a problem for him, but Alice was different from any of the conquests he had made in the past and his fingers trembled at the thought of exploring her tiny figure.

    Alice surprised him again when she jumped up and squealed with delight. She folded over his lap and the ruffles of her skirt bunched up, exposing her bare bottom. Alice looked up over her shoulder at him, and she smiled. The strangest thing was that Alice really did not mind this part of her game. She liked watching the men practically salivate with desire for her… and knowing that it was the last time she would see true pleasure on their faces. Even while Alice graduated the men through the playground, every arousing moment for her playmates was tempered with pain.

    Michael stared at the small, rounded, pale globes facing him. He looked into her wide blue eyes, and then let his hand came down with a resounding slap. He caressed her bottom and was alarmed by the warmth of the red print. Michael thought he might have hurt her, until she began to wiggle her ass and rub her pussy against his crotch. Oh shit. She’s really turned on by this.
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    Michael realized that he was really turned on as well. He felt masterfully powerful over the diminutive woman, and his mind wandered to some imaginary infraction he was punishing her for. Michael smacked her bottom again and he received the same response, except this time he heard her gasp. After he rubbed her cheeks, he could not resist pushing his fingers between her crevice and brushing her bare pussy. Her lips were soft and slightly swollen, and his fingers came away warm and wet. The scene was so arousing that Michael felt his head begin to swim a bit. He could never remember being so enflamed with anticipation that his thoughts had become muddled.

    After the fifth slap, which Alice noted was off to the side of one cheek, she looked up and saw that his eyes, although filled with almost a leering sexual passion, were already becoming slightly disoriented. Alice knew that she could never transport him downstairs if he passed out here, so she stood and held out her hand, twisting her toe in her coy little way. “Would you like to see my playground?†she asked shyly.

    “Very much, Alice.†Michael stood, and ignored the heaviness of his legs. He still thought his unusual reaction was due to the girl’s arousing game.

    By the time they reached the basement, Alice noted his lop-sided grin. She switched on the light and his mouth dropped open. Alice spun in a circle, causing the ruffles on her dress to rise and display her bottom and pussy while she twirled. “What do you think?â€

    Michael gaped at the basement playground, resting on a carpet of green grass. There were stuffed animals and errant wagons and scooters strewn against the walls, but it was the swings, gliders, and other toys that caught his attention. There were strategically placed bolts and chains, and Michael could tell that the brightly colored equipment in Alice’s playground had been altered for sexual games. He had never seen an actual bondage dungeon before, but he knew this was what was surrounding him… with all the devices painted in glossy primary colors and designed from childhood toys. His dwindling cock tried to stand again. Man, she’s really into this little girl scene. Naturally, Michael assumed the erotic toys were something to bind Alice to.

    “Come see the doggie house first,†Alice coaxed in her best little girl voice, tugging at his hand. Remaining in character, she tried to skip a few steps, and then sighed in exasperation and straightened up to lead him. The drug had hit him fast and he was practically staggering, but his eyes continued to sweep around the room. By the time he was in front of the doghouse, his legs buckled and he fell to the ‘grass’.

    “Oops,†Alice giggled. She sat beside him with her legs crossed, spreading herself and giving him an unobstructed view of her little pink slit. “I think you had too much to drink, daddy,†she scolded.

    Michael stared at her glistening pussy, and he looked up and he tried to focus his blurred vision. Her cute little girl face was changing back to the seductive woman, and he could barely feel her finger as she reached out to stroke down his jaw. His tongue felt thick and words were out of his grasp. The few times the thought ‘drugged’ floated through his mind; it made no sense and he released the attempt to explore the concept.

    Alice narrowed her gaze and she stared into his eyes, while her voice lowered to a seductive threat. “Margie says that you’ve been a very naughty boy, daddy… and she’s asked me to punish you.†There was a flash of fear in his dark eyes, and then they closed for good.

    Alice ran her fingers through his dark wavy hair, and she sighed and set to work. She stripped him, noting that his muscles were somewhat soft while she struggled to turn and bend his body. The picture that Margie had provided her with was from a few years ago, and a time when Michael still bothered to workout at the gym instead of philandering through secret clubs with a string of mistresses. Alice ran a finger down the length of his cock, enjoying the warmth of his skin and noticing the drug had made his shaft flaccid. She circled his crown with her fingertip and he never quivered in response to her stroking.

    Michael was almost six feet tall, but height never deterred Alice. She had discovered long ago that no matter how big ‘daddy’ was, controlling his cock and balls was all that she needed to do. She had perfected a method that was simple, and it kept her new playmate in just enough pain to never question her authority.

    Alice rose and walked to her shiny red toy chest to get the restraints that she would need. In the middle of the room sat a small white tea table with pink tulips painted onto the backs of the two chairs and a larger motif in the center of the table. Currently, the tulip painted on the table was obscured by a black box. Alice picked it up and she brought it back to where Michael lay sleeping. She set it on the faux grass surface with her other toys.

    The box held the collar that Margie had chosen, with Michael’s name slipped into the clear pocket just above a securing ring. Alice closed her eyes and her tongue stroked her lips at the sound of the metal clasp sliding together around his neck. She opened her eyes and wrapped her fingers under the leather, tugging hard to make sure that it was locked.

    The heavy cuffs matched the black collar, and she wrapped two of them around his wrists. Once again checking to make sure they were secure, she scooted on her bottom towards his feet. The plastic grass felt deliciously naughty against her red cheeks, and Alice considered the enthusiastic spanking she had received upstairs. She returned her concentration to the task at hand, and once the cuffs were locked onto his ankles, Alice hooked a one-foot metal chain between them. She added another chain between his wrists, and then she scrambled to her feet to go back to her toy chest.

    When she returned, she flicked his limp penis with her fingers and gave a light squeeze to his loose, sagging sack. When there was no response, Alice shrugged and she measured two metal rings against his testicle pouch. It took some concentration and pushing to slip his balls through the smaller one, and Alice considered how wonderfully painful it would become when he was aroused. Sadistically, she tightened the adjustment on the band further. After pulling the ring to make sure it could not be removed, she ran and placed the key on the shelf over her toy chest.

    She tethered chains between his ankle and wrist hobbles, and secured the loose ends to the loop on the testicle band. This left him unable to straighten his legs or do more than crawl, or he would risk pulling painfully on his sack. As an added restriction, she secured a one-foot chain that locked the links between his wrists to his collar. This prohibited her playmate from reaching out to her, and neither could he reach any other link to unhook it.

    Alice picked up a rubber ring and she pinched his cheeks together. It took a minute to squeeze and wiggle the device behind his teeth, but she was satisfied that it was securely locked in place. Michael began to drool onto the grass while his tongue rested halfway out of his mouth. As a final act, Alice hooked a leash onto the back of the slumbering man’s collar. She locked the other end to the hook over the green doghouse door.

    Alice stood and looked down at her new playmate. He lay naked and drooling and completely restrained, and her pussy clenched at the sight of once more having an arrogant man to shatter and train to be submissive. Alice’s focus was on completely humiliating her playmates and leaving them no measure of control or confidence. She skipped across the playground and turned out the light before climbing the stairs.

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