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    New to the community. Male Hetero Dom (not a personals advert) studying in progress and have lots of questions. Primary mentor is Unholybastard (and the internet) who has taught my most everything I know to date (aside from what I learn in practice with my subs). Right now I consider myself just above entry level dom (have three subs) but still very green and have aspirations to one day be a proper master. According to the seven tennets I have 5 of the 7 requirements and the other two in progress, but even so I think I need to learn a lot more.

    Primary Tools: Riding Crop, Basic Rope, Paddles, Floggers, Sensory Dep (blindfolds, plugs, gags, etc.), Textures (ticklers, Wartenburg wheel, electric brushes, etc.), Hand, Tongue, Blade (cold, no blood), Vibes.

    Learning: advanced rope/shibari, formal training

    As far as fetishes go I like subs that are well primed (obviously some initial breaking is expected but overall I don't like to train from the ground up unless someone is super enthusiastic and learns quickly), and I think most things can be erotic in proper context but I don't do anything that specifically turns me off/is a mood killer (generally anything with blood/feces/vomit) or anything I consider unsafe in a high endorphin rush setting... for example, I am a fire performer and do fleshing but I won't use fire to flesh in a scene because it's too easy to make a serious mistake while in a heightened state. My philosophy is that danger should be a controlled potential element, not a significant gamble.

    I understand and respect that others may differ in their views on subjects of dangerous elements and permanent alteration in scene context and happily wish them well with their endeavors but choose to refrain from these things myself in a scenario.

    Aside from that I take great joy in making a sub cum well past the point of driving them over the edge. If they can walk and talk after a session I clearly didn't do my job very well.

    Now getting to the questions... I have learned to use all of my tools with proper SSC and have very happy subs that revere and seek to serve me more frequently than I allow them.

    I read through the "newbie thread" and a lot of that was the same stuff I encountered elsewhere but one link stood out in particular:


    This covered lots of tools/techniques/psychology to really assist with a beginning dom.

    Is there any more treasure troves of this nature that really explore activities in this vein?

    Much of this was repeat but a lot of it was new. I'm really looking to expand my list of techniques so that I can improve to an artistic level by having mastery of more techniques and tools at my disposal... that's about where I'm at for the moment.
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