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    Does anyone here have any experience with this? It's something that we slipped into a while back, something I have read some about here and there, and overall I think it's a fascinating phenomenon. But, honestly, I would love to talk to someone about it that has more experience with it than I do.

    For instance, I read once that while in an age regressed state my slave could make up for things that she did not experience when she was that age. That if there is healing going on at that aspect that all other aspects of her personality that built upon that inner child as a foundation will be influenced, too. Or hurt, depending on what happens. I'm not sure what truth there is to that. It certainly isn't merely role play. It's not pretend play. She truely, actually, regresses.

    And while we're at it, I want to make very clear that she is, indeed, an adult. Of 29 years. It is just that one aspect of her personality, her inner child, that then comes to the forfront.
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