addicted sex slaves

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by lao, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. lao

    lao Guest

    I think having a skank addicted to crack cocaine to ensure intense sexual domination would be a huge turn on - anyone else ?
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  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Nah, I've seen crack whores. Nothing is making that look sexy.
  3. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    All in all, you could say that would be aNOTHER weekness to a sub, as you could deprive them of their addiction.
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  4. Hmm...having someone snort a line of coke off someone's belly or arse or something is one thing, but...I've seen a pic of a crack whore. Just one, but one was enough. Trust me :eek:
  5. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    It would be far easier for a crack whore to just give a dealer a blow-job than get 'Property of Master Lao' branded on her ass.

    Call me a romantic but I think that domination/submission is something that is achieved over time and is something both of you work towards. Narcotics and branding, I'm just seeing as some kind of misguided shortcut on your part as a Dominant.

    I honestly think you'd do well to spend a few years as a submissive because some of the things you say are just out-there or ignorant. "Does a tattoo hurt?" "Crack is a great idea!" "Can you brand written script?" You sound like the 40 year old virgin describing tits as "bags of wet sand".

    1. If you've never even gotten a tattoo before you have no business whatsoever considering yourself as a dominant for an S&M relationship. I wouldn't trust an inkless guy to play on my paintball team.

    2. Crack cocaine is the stupidest goddamned thing I've read. If you need powerful illegal narcotics to get women to accept a spanking from you, this is just further proof that you shouldn't be doing this.

    3. Get 'Master Lao' branded (or tattooed) on your chest. Get something that can be covered with a shirt for work. If you can assume the personal conviction (both in physical pain endured AND as a permanent marker of your role in this lifestyle) to actually go through with it I will take back everything I've ever said about you and suck your balls dry the next time you're in town.
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  6. lao

    lao Guest

    I suggest you read Michel Foucault's studies on sexual power dynamics. If you want to understand the core of sadism read the Marquis De Sade. You sound like a superficial poser on an ego trip. Im not interested in engaging with your childish dress up games - tattoos and leather don't mean shit party boy:D.

    Crack cocaine - an infanitely more advanced instrument of torture, more powerful than your furry handcuffs lol. Make her do humiliating things in public ect - lick your shoes ect

    Then if she resists you could cut her suppl for a certain period watch her rive in agony :) listen to her screaming for forgiveness.:D
  7. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    :rolleyes: OK, you win. Lao is clearly a wunderkint of the BDSM world and I'm certain he has deflowered at least 75 virgins on his 9" monster cock. When he gets angry he doesn't use hot pokers, no he calls a favor from his good friend Zeus to smite the poor submissive with lightning from atop Mt. Olympus. He personally showed Marilyn Manson how to dress, taught Joseph Bean to flog, and personally oversaw the crucifiction of Jesus Christ (whom sadly died before Lao invented crack cocaine.... would have been so much easier).

    So please, everyone who reads this post: Abandon all you think you know about S&M. Good Master Lao is finally here to show us the light.

    Heres my question to Lao: My child's babysitter ate all the deli meat I had in the fridge. Next time she comes over should I:
    A. Tie her to the bed and pour molten lead onto her vagina
    B. Strap her to the St. Andrew's cross and inject heroin into her eyeballs
    C. Give her a bleach enema and make her clean the kitchen floor with her asshole
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  8. lao

    lao Guest

    1. 75 is pushing it - more like 60
    2. Zeus and I fell out some time back - hot pokers must suffice (unfortunately)
    3. Marilyn Manson's dress sense is frightening - even by my fucked up standard.
    4. Christs crucification was overrated - he only lasted an hour before dropping the whole (son of God) charade.

    Your babysitter ate all the deli meat >? that bitch !

    I say go for C - although A is quite tempting, ... :D:D:D:D:D
  9. Death

    Death Member

    lol, how the hell does the presence of tattoos convert into trust? I truly hate tattoos, myself. I would never ruin my body with someone else's artwork. I think the wish to get a tattoo kind of signifies submission, actually... not really appropriate for a Master. Nor for a slave, though. Someone else's artwork on your slave. Not nice. -_-
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  10. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Getting a tattoo signifies that you A: Can commit to something for a very long time. B: You must be able to endure mild pain.

    I'm not saying having a tattoo will turn you dom, but I won't trust a dom who has never been a sub and anybody who is holding the handle of the crop/flogger/cane should probably be damned-well familiar with how it functions.

    And a tattoo is 2D art. If you think all tattoos are submissive in nature, thats either a rorschach test for your own bias, or you really need to see more tattoos.
  11. You have a couple of very good points there, not just about the tattoos, but about the dom/sub thing too.

    My master had never put himself at the mercy of anyone else before our 'switch' session a couple of weeks ago, but whenever he gets, or makes, new gear with which to restrain or hurt me, he always tests it out on himself, to make sure it works okay, and to test the severity or otherwise of the pain involved, before said item gets put anywhere near me.
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  12. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Ands thats how it should be. A Dom shouldn't force a sub to do anything they wouldn't do themselves if the role was reversed. (With exception of gender-specific activities; a parachute ball-stretcher is useless on a female and men can't do double penetration.)
  13. Death

    Death Member

    I automatically hate all tattoos because I think they all are ugly (completely regardless to the motive and the way they are done) and because I would neither want someone else's artwork on me nor my slave. Tattoos being any sort of proof of commitment really is an immensely simplified view of the world. It is also hard to find someone who would commit theirself to someone as much as myself, although I can't exactly prove that to you. I also know pain very well... or, well, not pain as much as I know total terror. Some years ago I used to get altered reality panic attacks where I thought the universe and everything beyond was going to irreversably end, due to humanity's greed, and I had been chosen to stop it, except there was no idea for me to know how to do it. Not until I stopped denying that it was happening, and decided that I had to take action, the attack disappeared shortly afterwards. It may sound horrible of me to say this, to some, but I can honestly say I have experienced the worst you could experience. It was so terrible that I often wonder why I didn't get a heart attack. The "pain" of getting a tattoo is a joke in comparison, and the "commitment" of having to keep some ugly thing on you is equally a joke compared to trying to deny a terrifying truth, but then having to realize that denial won't help at all, and you have to take responsibility of everything in existence.

    (By the way, I was never on drugs, and I never had a severe lack of sleep; my brain is just a little different.)

    ...As for the original subject.... wanting a submissive to be addicted to something is a bit too much. :/
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  14. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Ia Ia Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn!
  15. Death

    Death Member

    What...? :l

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