A sub/dom newbie- needs new "tricks"

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Good_Little_Girl, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Good_Little_Girl

    Good_Little_Girl New Member

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    My girlfriend and I (we're a lesbian couple) really like to dabble in the world of BDSM. She is soft butch and I am the femme but we both like to take turns being the dom and sub. Something about me in my high heels and skirt bossing my butch girl around....really gets us off.

    We have restraints on the bed, tickle, tease each other, bite, spank, etc.

    Are there any other fun & sexy moves that I can surprise her with either as a sub or a dom. I want to turn her on beyond her wildest dreams!

    Thanks in advance. Looking forward to learning more about this wonderful world.

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    My master and I like a fight, if that helps. Controlled, but lots of slapping, throat gripping, hair pulling, that sort of thing. It usually results in me being pinned down, despite my violent, desperate struggles, and then tied down for him to do as he pleases with me, forcing his fingers up me, pinching my nipples, that sort of thing.
  3. Good_Little_Girl

    Good_Little_Girl New Member

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    Yes, we definitely wrestle around a little bit. She is a really strong athlete...I work out- but she overpowers me everytime. We do like that.
  4. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    I think a fun variation of fighting would be;
    You dressed to nines a power suite doing the raving bitch thing ordering her around with some slapping maybe a some whipping and derogatory language. you git the picture.
    Until she had enough. and she turns on you and ties you up w/ some roughing up and has her way with you.
    Kind of a switch game if you see were I'm going with this. see how far you can push her befor she turns on you and you get whats coming to you. Lets you both top and bottom in the same scene.
    Might also get some house work done at the same time.
  5. kinki_nikki

    kinki_nikki New Member

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    hey glg

    for my sub and i what gets us wet is not so much the doing as the um preamble

    telling her what i want overpowering her tying her up taunting and teasing her and making her beg me to touch her

    mmm yum
  6. Hopehavoc

    Hopehavoc Member

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    Try some texture play. Get things of varying softness, hardness, sharpness. (examples would be like....a metal chain dipped in ice water, a piece of ice, a sharp comb or something similar, a feather, etc.) One of you put a blindfold on the other (if you trust each other enough) and gently tickle/stroke/press into them with the different things...noting which gives the best reaction.

    In my experience my Mistress loves for me to drag a sharp cat hair brush across her skin. I, on the other hand, love for her to press it into my back or spank me with it.
  7. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    Great Idea Hopehavoc( great avatar too)
    The Goddess is in to pain and pleasure at the same time.(me too)
    She will "stroke"me with one hand and whip me with the other
    The sensation is complex and intense.

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    I like the ideas of the switch game and the texture play...I wouldn't mind trying those out myself sometime :)

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