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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by mephisto, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Hey everyone. This would be my official first post. I have a question to ask you guys. First off, I've been a Dom for a Submissive female for 4+ years and we decided it wasn't going to continue anymore. We parted ways and wished each other well. Now, I have little experience as a "Master" as to "Master & Slave" relationship. I'm very eager and enthusiastic but I want to be psychologically prepared with any information I can receive. Recently, I've had a male come to me and share an idea his wife had. He said he works a lot and has very little time for her. His wife, my slave is basically his proposal. He even uttered out a question that was very surprising. He asked, would you decide to move in with us if all goes well?

    I would like to know....what is the psychological relationship between a husband and a wife and deciding she should be someone's slave. THey mutually agreed which is understandable but should I be prepared for jealousy? I certainly do not need any drama in my life at the moment. Please clarify what I should expect from both him and her. No he's not gay and he says it's her request.

    Dom & Sub relationship is different than master & slave. Not by too much but it's still different and I'm not the ignorant type to assume it's the same. Please give me an educated opinion/response. Thanks!

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    Hi Mephisto,
    This is a tricky one. You're asking us to try to predict human reactions in a situation with a deliberately artificial emotional situation.

    On the surface this sounds like an interesting opportunity. But the fact that this guy is already suggesrting you move in sounds very odd to me.

    You don't say how well you know these people.

    If your goal is to have a hassle free life I would say this is not the way to achieve that :)

    As long as you take sensible precautions and check these people out before you do anything you could still have a good time. But I would advise you to treat this like any other "online" relationship - or blind date for that matter. Don't move in unless you are 100% sure. After all, where's the hurry?

  3. mephisto

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    I don't plan to move in. I will be having her come over here and I will also visit her. As for moving in...that offer stands but it's immature of them to offer that so quickly. Well, you're right. It would be an artificial assumption. I'll consider having her over here at first and see how it goes..

    Thanks for your response

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