A Professor Higgins Seeks his online Eliza Doolittle

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    Older, married gentlemen seeks young lady yearning for a mentor and Cicerone to cultivate her appreciation of physical pleasure, help her navigate life’s little contretemps and expand her intellectual horizons.

    As for intangibles, I reckon I am intelligent, well read and articulate. In matters amorous, I can be dominant with a wicked imagination and few inhibitions. It may help to think of me as the intellectual turned libertine! Or, perhaps, the Professor Higgins of the erotic and carnal who seeks his Eliza Doolittle!

    What qualities do I admire? Well, I am attracted to intelligent and conversant women; indeed, to me there is nothing sexier than a lady who knows her own mind and speaks it well! She too should be imaginative and playful, willing to set aside her inhibitions, as it pertains to the pleasures a man and a woman may share. In short, she too seeks a partner with whom she can unleash her animal spirits.

    I hope this conveys a bit of who I am, what I offer and what I seek. If these words strike a receptive note in your heart, I would take great delight in making your acquaintance as a prelude to commencing your online education and corruption!

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