a place to share pics and vids?

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  1. karl_meier

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    Hi all,
    first off all ... I´m new in here ... I´m Karl, living in Germany and just a friend of whipping and torturing female subbies as hard as they can stand it ;)
    What I´d like to know: Is this a place to share pics and vids? Or is it a discussion-board? I´m wondering to find not so much people in here, and as I´m interessted in female subbies: Are here such girls?

    Just to make a start of showing some pics I attached some nice ones

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  2. dorei

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    Welcome to the board Karl.

    It's two-in-One:) You can read and write in forums as well as share pics.

    Thanks for the pictures!

  3. karl_meier

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    some more :)

    Hi all,

    what about these:

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  4. billvernon2

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    Nice pic!! Thanks, Karl.
  5. spankingyourbuttt

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  6. raven1083

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    those were some great pictures thanks
  7. yyyyyyyy

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  8. premkakkar

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    Hi dear

    Well yes nice pics, travelling to Germany, if wanna meet do reply.

  9. blackknight

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  10. alexvde

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    my pics

    here are my pics

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  11. heelchile

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    Very nice pics, i send to you nice pics too, soon

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