A Messy Game of Pleasure and Pain

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    Sparrow and I knelt before her, worshiping her feet and looking up into her eyes. She had an interesting smirk that I've rarely seen as she began,

    "Tonight, my pets, we're going to play a game that a friend of mine shared with me, although I've made it my own with a few improvements. If either of you need to use the restroom, do it now and return to your worship position when you are finished."

    Having had a cup of coffee earlier, I immediately went to the restroom and took care of business...then returned to her feet. Sparrow had remained at Ma'am's feet and was speaking to her in a hushed voice as I got back.

    "Now you will listen carefully. Drink this quickly," as she handed each of us a bottle of water. "I want it all drank before I count to 20....1......2......3....." Sparrow and I each finished around 15. I felt full. "Drink this quickly," as she handed each of us a bottle of tea. "Finish it before I count to 20 or you'll be severely whipped." Sparrow and I each chugged our best and both finished right before Ma'am reached 20.

    "Very good my pets. Now drink this before I count to 40." She handed each of us a bottle of beer. "1....2.....3...." I don't know how, but I slammed the bottle down quickly...opening up my thoat and just pouring it down. It made me light headed...and I'm sure there wasn't room for one more ounce of liquid in my swollen stomach. Somehow Sparrow was also able to finish before Ma'am reached 40. With that Goddess, laughed under her breath and in a loud Queenly voice declared...."Let the Games Begin!"

    She had me lay on my back on the floor in front of her throne within reach of her outstretched feet. She then instructed Sparrow to lay on top of me with her face in my crotch and her crotch over my face. "Don't get exciting yet my pets...this isn't what you think it is." She took a roll of duct tape out and proceeded to tap under my midsection up and over Sparrow essentially holding our stomachs tightly pressed together. She then told us to spread eagle...and tightly taped Sparrows arms to my legs...my arms to her legs, so that we were a double-decker subbie tied spread eagle out on the floor, me on the bottom, Sparrow on the top...Goddess's feet resting on Sparrow's back. Then she reached down and began using the duct tape behind my neck...forcing my face into Sparrow's now wet pussy and tightly taping it in place with several trips around my neck and Sparrow's ass. Sparrow's face was then taped tightly to my crotch, my penis at her mouth and my balls pressed to her eyes. Goddess used a LOT of tape, making sure we were not moving our heads from their locations. She sat back and laughed again..."Oh this is delicious!"

    "My dear pets...here is how this evening will proceed. With you both exactly in the position I want you...full bellies...tied into a virtual "2 slaves into 1" position. This is a game of endurance. At some point you are going to start feeling the urge to urinate. Now in your current situation...that is going to be very interesting as you won't be able to do so without showering the others face with your subbie piss mess." The realization of what she was doing became very clear...and a little scary to tell the truth.

    "Ah yes, the rules...here they are my dears:

    When I say begin, you will both begin orally servicing the other. I will be keeping tabs on the orgasms that each of you have. When the game is over, each of you will recieve 50 blows from the wooden paddle...minus the total number of orgasms you produce.
    The game will END when one of you can no longer hold in your urine and gives your partner a piss bath in the face. The longer you can hold off your urination, the more time you have to achieve orgasms...and thus reduce your punishment when the game is over.
    Now the game has begun"
    Sparrow immediately went for my cock which was already mostly erect and within seconds, I came hard in her mouth. I heard her spitting my cum and then went right back going for a second. Goddess laughed and blurted out, "Who didn't see that one cumming...you're slutty cock is so worthless Hawk!" I started slowly working my tongue on Sparrow. I was really hoping to build her up to a series of multiple orgasms to bring our punishment whacks down more quickly. For Goddess, we were quite a site, Sparrow and I, wrapped in yards of duct tape...slurping and moaning...doing anything we could do raise our orgasm count. As my tongue found Sparrow's clitoris...I felt her muscles tense...her thighs squeeze...arched her back and let loose...orgasm one...then two...heaving breathing...three....since we were essentially taped into one big slave...i could feel Sparrow's every spasm...every quiver...and somehow...I came again in Sparrow's mouth.

    We sucked and licked each other like nothing was more important. I had cum so hard the first two times...there was almost no chance of a third orgasm, but I was able to help her to two more. Goddess was laughing..."Seven...that's leaving you both 43 of my favorite whacks with the paddle!" Our bodies were sweating together and making lots of skin suction noises as we both were running out of energy...worst of all...I was starting to feel the urge to urinate.

    I felt Sparrow's legs tightening on around my face, and I thought maybe she was getting ready to cum again, I sucked on her clit hard...my tongue dancing a circle around her inner lips...when she erupted a stream of piss into my mouth and onto my face. After 40 seconds, I thought the worst was over, but another stream started and like Tom Hanks in "A League of their Own" Sparrow just kept urinating...burst after burst...stream after stream. I had no way to avoid it as it hit my lips and ran down my chin and neck. It was warm...almost hot.

    When finally she stopped she laid on top of me like she was dead.

    Goddess stood up speechless. The game had worked out way beyond her wildest imagination, and she stepped right over us with a foot on each side, facing me, looking into my soggy face...into my defeated eyes. "I think you need some Goddess nectar to wash away all that slave piss Hawk" At that moment, she let go a stream that arched and landed on Sparrow's ass...ran down through her ass crack and onto my face. The smell and the taste was different than Sparrow's...better if that is possible...and when she finished she spoke again.

    "Hawk, I have a confession to make. While you were in the restroom before we began, I made Sparrow an offer. I told her if she would waive her opportunity to use the bathroom, her end of night punishment would be reduced by half. So by my math you will receive 43 and Sparrow will receive 22. While I have you both so beautifully bound, I believe I'll administer the punishments now. Hawk, you will count out Sparrows blows." With that, she grabbed her paddle and forcefully brought it down on Sparrow's ass. Being underneath Sparrow, with my head fastened at her pussy, I saw the paddle as it descended and landed on her flesh. I also felt Sparrow's reaction...the tension, the trembling...as her arms and limbs stuggled, so did mine, taped tightly together. Small splashes of urine hit my face when the paddle landed on her ass. Then another, then another. When Goddess finally reached 22, she simply used her feet to kick and roll us over. Now I was on top, cock in Sparrow's mouth, face pressed down into her pussy. "Hawk, keep cleaning her dirty pussy while Sparrow counts out your punishment." And the first one landed. Since I was to receive 43 and there was no warm up at all...it appeared Ma'am was starting easy with mild force. Sparrow spit out my cock in order to keep count as another and then another landed on my ass.

    From 30 to 43, Goddess let me have it...hard, profound strokes, alternating cheeks, and when she reached the final one, I think there was more of my tears on the floor than piss. Goddess said nothing, but instead, began cutting and removing the duct tape letting us loose to roll apart and once again feel the bend of our elbows and knees.

    "Sparrow, go clean up and come back to worship Goddess properly. Hawk, fetch some soapy hot water and sponges and get to work cleaning up the floor. I want it to be perfectly clean and ready for a repeat performace next week. Oh, did I not tell you. We'll be playing this game again, only I've invited several friends to keep me company while we watch you perform....

    Goddess kept her promise too. The following week, Sparrow and I played the Orgasm-Pissing Game in front of 5 of Ma'am's friends. The only difference is now there were 6 dominants pissing on us at the end of the game. No one in the world...knows how to devise a game the way Goddess can.

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    Another great job. Thanks for sharing. :D
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    Oh my God.. It's great!
    Just curious, is this fiction or not?
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    fiction for now...but my owner enjoyed it a lot...soooooo....maybe :)
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    I must admit it was awesome:)
    Just last question: You're her only sub I suppose?

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