45 y/o dom in search of a sub/slave ltr

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    I am Dark, not by choice, but by circumstance. Almost two years ago, I nearly died. Since that time up until a month ago I lived through what I would describe as hell. I don’t look for or accept pity, Those events were a test of my mettle. I am always misunderstood; I am bound by a code of honor, drilled into me by the military, then welded in place because of a freak accident. If you want to know more about that, we will if we get closer. I exist on the edge of dark and light, I have had a very diverse interesting life, good and bad things, allot of darkness surrounded me my whole life, from birth, I am gothic. I am directly descended from Vikings, and two of my ancestors were killed in the Salem witch trials.

    I am a dominant assertive aggressive person, i am into bondage more than anything, rough sex, I am very intelligent, creative and artistic. but sexually I am very primal , I am driven by lust not love so imagine the possibilities, I am looking for a submissive female to live with me take care of all of my needs, and assist in the household duties, we live a very free life, freedom is most important to me and my children. our household is full of fun and laughter and creative ideas and discussions, we imagine anything possible, we are all artists. This makes me an anomaly in this lifestyle, I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder my emotions are numb, and i have anxiety, neither are a issue, i am normal, except for those things and a severe social anxiety disorder I can go in public with headphones on and sun glasses but I need someone with me, to assist in shopping and day to day tasks, and to assist, me in my business ventures as a personal assistant. Sexually, My brain relieves anxiety through sexual activity, I love kinky sex, I love bondage and making devices and sex toys, and using them on my woman, i desire sex daily and i need to try different things and experiment i do things i like allot over and over though, I am a very talented person, eccentric, assertive aggressive and fair. You will travel with us everything you will basically be a very submissive wife without the love. i cant possibly feel love, interesting, to say the least. also I have absolutely no fear, What gave me PTSD cannot be repeated and cannot be survived. I have faced death so many times, that I consider him a old friend. No obese women, I am in shape, and i dont expect that out of my woman, I like softness and curves. but fat rolls are not in my future, neither is a neurotic exercise freak. I like women as they are supposed to be, natural beauty, make up is perfectly fine but too much turns me off, I own my home in a peaceful rural setting I am reclusive and have a tight circle of very trusted friends. no extended family, and I dont want one, I am looking for a loner, a social outcast, like me, that can satisfy me, and listen. Intelligence is not required.
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