32 M Dom seeking 18+ online female slave

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    I am a 32 year old male dominant, with several years experience, on and offline. I am looking for an online slave, preferably for long term service.

    Please reply only if the following applies to you:

    1. You are female
    2. You are 18 or older
    3. You are okay with being trained slowly, from the ground up
    4. You have your own place, or at least your own room
    5. You don’t want to be a robot. (I have a computer that can spew out predictable ‘this is what you want to hear’ responses).
    6. You don’t have the following as hard limits:
    a. Pain
    b. Humiliation
    c. Forced masturbation
    d. Orgasm control and denial
    e. Rules
    f. Working on goals like studies, work etc (I want to control more than just when / if you masturbate and how).

    I have other interests as well, but won’t be heartbroken if they’re hard limits:
    Watersport (pee)
    Keeping a blog
    Controlling dress code, grooming, diet, leisure activities, schedule etc
    Prolonged scenes like corner time, line / assignment writing etc
    I prefer beginners. Shy, and still not completely sure what your likes and limits are: perfect. This is because I enjoy training a slave from the ground up, and seeing her grow.

    As a dom, I am patient when things are new to you. I also understand when circumstances are beyond your control. I will never expect you to do something that you are not capable of, or that goes against your limits. But I am very strict when I know you can do better. I understand that eventually (during and after your time as my slave), you will need an offline life to go to. I will make sure that studies, work, a social life etc don’t suffer as a result.

    Communication will mainly be via email (at first anyway), so time zone isn’t an issue for me. I have no interest in you going on cam. Pictures are nice for obvious reasons, but are not a must as long as you can give detailed replies.

    Interested slaves can email me at [email protected].

    Feel free to tell me about yourself. I will take time and steps to get to know you anyway, before I start training you.

    If I train you, your training will be very in-depth, progressing over four phases. Each phase will build on the one before it, with goals to be met before continuing.

    I do have a basic structure for your training, which I’ve used with considerable success in the past. But one size doesn’t fit all, so I’ll discuss it with you in detail as I get to know you.

    At the end of your training, I aim to control as much as possible within your limits. But it doesn’t start out that way.
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