31 Male bi, a male slave journying to find his male master

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    Hello good gentlemen. Being my first post among such a magnificent group of masters and lords, I would like to humbly offer my greetings. I wish you all well and am honored to be allowed to speak. I am a male seeking to be graced with the title of slave to fellow a man of integrity and strength. I will do well to be your desire, the object of your pleasure, wrath, and will.

    I will be honest that have been curious about this scene for sometime now. I have many fantasies that I have kept in secret that if it would please a potential online master, I would discuss them with you to learn more from one so talented. I long to be humiliated and used as an object of my master's will, by his hands, or those he allows to touch me. If I may be allowed this one request, let me speak further, I cannot handle the use of needles, cutting, uritha play, or the use of scat.

    If you would enjoy me and wish to have your way with me... please contact this humble servant for your pleasure.

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