3 Reasons Why You Should Look Online For Love

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    Meeting a beautiful Russian woman online and getting to know her, even marrying her, can be the experience of a lifetime. For single men looking for a relationship alternative, Russian brides are kind, considerate and beautiful.

    If this interests you but are still concerned by what people will think if you date a Russian woman, then relax. Recent stats show that 1/5 of all couples under the age of 50 met on the internet. It is perfectly normal these days and several of these relationships are international marriages. In fact many of these couples go together because the man started one evening with a Google search for 'mail order brides' or 'Russian women'

    If dating Eastern European intrigues you, here are a couple of reasons to get online for love:

    Not Enough Men To Go Around – There is simply not enough single men in Russia. To put the gender balance into perspective, for every 10000 single Russian women there are only about 9200 available men. 800 of these 10000 women will have no chance of finding a relationship locally and have to look abroad if they want to get married. What does this mean for you? It it is a fantastic dating opportunity with thousands of women are getting online looking for their ideal partner.

    Russian Women Date Older Men – The average age of Russian brides online is in the mid 20's. If this was the US or even Australia, women this age would not want to meet a man older than 30. Women from Russia however are more flexible in who they date and will happily talk to a man 10 or 15 years older than her.

    Russian Brides Are Beautiful – Because of the lack of local dating options, more Russian women are looking for love online. But it is not just a random group of single women joining dating sites, it is the women who have more dating options available to them. In simple terms, this means the more beautiful women are the first to look abroad for a suitable mate. For proof of this, check out any Russian dating agency. You could be forgiven for thinking you accidentally clicked on a modeling site. The average Russian woman who creates a profile online is taller than 5'6, has a university degree and is in perfect physical shape.

    These women are waiting to meet someone online. The rest is up to you.
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