3 new videos from SheGrapples.

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    Mikaela VS Buck Eye

    Mikaela grapples Buck Eye has become a huge hit in the mixed wrestling catagory. Within 24 hours this video made it to the top selling video in mixed wrestling catagory. She uses headscissors, headlocks, and breast smothering to make her opponent tapout.

    Athena VS James
    James came to SheGrapples hoping to be a challenge for the Tiny but MIghty Athena. Once she sinched in her brutal body scissors he was unable to much of anything but wince in pain. He managed to get her into some headlocks but none that would have any affect on her.

    Mikaela and Athena VS James
    James came back to SheGrapples and was put up against two of our best. The match grew intense when James pushed Athena into Mikaela knocking her down. Athena then had no mercy on James. She and Mikaela forced multiple taps from him. Double armbars, headscissors, bodyscissors...James didn't stand a chance against a pissed off Athena. It was Mikaela's final headscissor that knocked out James as Athena held in tightly a wicked bodyscissor while taunting him.

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