29 Male Master looking for online F Slave

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    Im a 29 year old male master, looking for a female slave to train online.

    I communicate through email, so timezone is not important. Neither is body type, age etc, as long as you are 18 or older.

    Web cam is not required. Digicam and a willingness to use it is. The following interests are mandatory. If they are hard limits for you, please do not contact me.

    Forced masturbation
    Orgasm denial / control

    I also enjoy the following, however they are not required.

    Watersport (pee)
    Semi Public
    Control (Dress code, grooming, bladder, schedule etc)
    Name calling
    Prolonged scenes (corner time etc)

    Toys are appreciated. Except for the digicam though, none are required.

    I am very strict. I will require attention to detail, and a willingness to submit.
    I love beginners, but will take more experienced slaves too. You will be given a detailed bio to complete. This will contain your physical stats; likes, dislikes and limits; toy inventory etc.

    Interested slaves can email me at [email protected]. Don't reply here; I am not on the forums often.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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