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  1. a.mandy

    a.mandy New Member

    I'm 28yo maried women
    I have fantasy for the lifestyle for long now but never get into it except few little games
    Now i feel like i want to explore this submissive side in me
    What i'm after is someone for a real sincere and long term online D/s relationship
    My idea of it is of a training so i can learn and perfect as a sub

    Please understand that i don't wish to quite my husband so this is not about "then after maybe IRL"
    For the same reasons i will not share pics and/or vids of me as internet is not safe enough for that i take the risk of it to be seen by whether my husband or one of his friend/family, my profil pics is as far as i will go on this.
    As i also respect my father i will not call anyone else Daddy or so

    Things i want to explore may include control submission humiliation fetish posture training ...
    Still i can handle some S&M if my mastre/trainer/dom/(you name it) think it is necessary
    I'm ok with the idea of punishment as long as i can understand what i did bad to worth it so i can correct

    If that sound anything interesting to you, please feel free to PM me
  2. a.mandy

    a.mandy New Member

    still searching
  3. breathe49

    breathe49 New Member

    PM sent
  4. sl.gh13

    sl.gh13 Member

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  5. a.mandy

    a.mandy New Member

    back in search...
  6. punkdfish

    punkdfish New Member

    Still looking?

    If your still looking Id be happy to chat and see if we could work. I understand your need for privacy so I promise I wont be asking for more then you want to give.
  7. Whickedsick

    Whickedsick New Member

    Hi are you still searching?can we talk about it?
  8. Martello

    Martello Member

    If you should still be looking, 16 years experience as a Dom.
    I've spent a great deal of time training. PM me here and we'll exchange email addresses or what ever type of IM you would like to use.
  9. a.mandy

    a.mandy New Member

    back on same search...
  10. Thedarkside69

    Thedarkside69 New Member

    Here I am...

    You've got a PM ;)
  11. sl.gh13

    sl.gh13 Member


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