25M Sadist Looking for Play Partner/Mentor

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    While the thread describes the basics, allow me to expand;

    I live in Anaheim, CA and my nights are spent working graveyard in a steel box. I Have Mondays and Sundays off, with which I have become somewhat rusty in the knowledge I once had about the scene from a lack of dungeons being open on those days and not having a car.

    My fetishes mostly fall into stress states like crying, tickling, immobility, simulated fear, sexual tension and apathy (very rare though for the apathy one, but can be fun for me in certain situations)

    I am aware of safety conduct and want to keep a strong line drawn in my play but in turn I do need to have a strong/experienced partner as I do not want confusion. Stop is stop, no is no and red is red.

    Gender is not a terrible issue though I am looking for people within the age range of 20-35 and preferably strong, curvy women or effeminate males (males should be structured more like women in this case) excuse my pickiness, but I prefer the pretty boys and the sterner women.

    I am open to any form of socialization, be it up front or on cam but conduct on cam may be more aggressive so please do not allow me to go too far is I am overreaching in my actions or words. Stimulation or ejaculation of any kind is optional but also preferred and encouraged so long as done following safe sex procedure.

    Please PM me with any questions about appearance or performance as I like to keep things creative and fresh. I intend to have a profile pic and some pictures up in time.

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