25f sub looking for dom 30-40 London

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by dianamolloy, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. dianamolloy

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    My profile talks about my interests. I am, of course, open to other ideas and I know I have missed lots of things I like, but when presented with a blank list it's hard to think of what one likes in full.

    I would like to begin online, via emails (and msn, if interested). Then as long as we are both happy with how things are progressing we can move further. What I am ultimately looking for someone in the flesh and not just an online.

    I will state that I do not want to exchange emails with someone who does not write in complete sentences. I do not expect University professor level grammar, I certainly do not posses this, but it's jarring to have someone write in a manner where you get pulled out of what is being said because the spelling is so atrocious!

    I do not like to 'top from the bottom'. I am happy with safe words (red/amber/green tends to work rather well) but hate unconfident doms who try to get me to do this.

    For me the thrill and my enjoyment comes not so much in the sex aspect but in my kinks. I like scenes to end with sex but not for them to be more about that than about the humiliation/asphyxiation/BDSM/etc. I like some talking and namecalling but not someone who won't shut-up. I like being collared but this is something I would only do with someone I trusted absolutely, not something I would take lightly.

    I want someone who makes me quiver from the sheer power they have over me. I have no interest in a dom who has other slaves or a girlfriend.
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