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    I am searching for a female partner, a submissive partner to be precise. A slave, a toy I can tease and play with, a doll I can dress up and send out into the world as I see fit. Someone that wants long term and will commit to it should she find the right person. Someone that understands they have to take the bad times with the good times.

    If you read that and are still intrigued, please read on.

    A bit about me:

    Two years ago I started this journey. Over that time, I've developed a fondness for bondage, Wardrobe control, orgasm denial and control, humiliation, medium pain(won't draw blood), etc. I have not enjoyed illegal, incest, blood, beast, and scat.

    As a vanilla person, I am the quintessential geek. I find everything interesting, and I always analyze things from an objective view. You can bring up a topic from no where and I probably have some kind of knowledge about it. From Star trek to animal care, I find it fun to know a little about everything.

    So what I’m looking for in a slave/submissive:

    First off, some form of personality is required. If my ears (and eyes) are filled with nothing but monotone “Yes sirs†back to back with no other interaction, this wont work. I need to know you’re alive and not just using copy and paste or having a microphone on repeat =p, so please no one that believes those 2 words are the only things allowed out of their mouth. The cliche slave of eyes always down “yes sir†is boring for me. I need someone playful and perhaps with a bit of a devious side...or shy side. I like shy too :)

    I've tried just text relationships, and 90% of the time they do not work. Though if you have a beyond amazing energetic personality, I can probably manage just text. Honesty though, I would like to at least see who you are once as trust develops. It’s not something I’ll demand up front. I don’t believe that’s something that can be demanded by a dominant, I believe the trust to receive that must be earned.

    Experience is irrelevant. Whether your curiosity just peaked and you’re looking to get a bit of knowledge and experience to see if this lifestyle is for you, or if you have many years worth. It does not matter to me.

    If this is purely online relationship, then our written communication is all I have to go off of, so if you're hiding things you don't like or if you're hiding things you do like for fear of embarrassment, I will never know unless you tell me. I'll be more than happy to help those that are shy about communicating.

    I will help you grow, but only if you are willing to grow with me.

    If you've read that and are still interested, then please contact me. I’m pretty easy to get a hold of and will answer back promptly.

    Thanks for your time, and look forward to any and all replies.

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