23 yo male looking to fulfil fantasy.

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    I'm a 23 year old male in the the midlands england looking to take action with a fantasy I've had.

    The fantasy:
    I have always wanted to be a naked waiter in an all female party.
    The fantasy would involve me wearing nothing other than a mask and a collar. Maybe starting the party with a thong on with the mask.

    To start with i would be led around by one member of the party, but, throughout the night i would be passed onto other groups of girls for them to do what they wish with me.

    the guests will start to stroke and laugh at my cock getting harder and barley staying hidden within the thong I am wearing

    On tables around the room there will be hand cuffs that some of the girls may use during the night, and while cuffed by a group of girls they decide to pull the thong off, but instead of stroking my cock more, I am put back to work with my erection... there is further stroking throughout the night, and cuffing and teasing. finally, later on in the night one group decides to cuff my arm and legs on one of the tables. They decide to hold me down and start to stroke my cock some more, then move on to licking and sucking and teasing some more

    I really would like to do this, so if anyone is interested in getting a male naked waiter, drinks server or just a naked slave to walk around a party, please let me know :)

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