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  1. iamalice

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    22, turn 23 in may from near Birmingham in the united kingdom, have collection of fetish toys, ordered new webcam though have collection of pictures available, webcam arrives on Tuesday or Wednesday.
    Have very few limits, seeking either male and female dom. Have just over 2 years experience of bdsm.
    PM me for more details or for my own email.
    Thanks, Alice
  2. kixfix

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  3. master.aadi

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  4. flogger59

    flogger59 New Member

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    I am a hard sadist looking for a slave to take on are you game?
  5. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

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    Ill gladly be your master if you like
  6. Mistress X

    Mistress X New Member

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    i'm looking for an online slave, if you are up for the challenge......

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