22 F California slave looking for an owner

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    Hi :) My name is Marina. I have experience in being a slave, I was owned for 5 years from the ages 15-20 but now I'm unowned. I've been unowned for 2 years now. My limits are scat, family, being licked out and thats about it really. I'm black skinned with black hair, brown eyes, long hair and I'm kinda short. I'm into cruelty, humiliation, insults, racism (sorry to anyone who may be offended by that but I feel it ads to the master slave feeling) blackmail and money control. I'm from Beverly Hills, California. My father is kinda rich and he sends me a lot of money each month which is why I'm into the money control thing and it also means I don't have to work or study. I'm willing to relocate for the right person. I'm a very sporty person. I do soccar, softball, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, polo, horse riding and tennis on a regular basis. People who are naturals at my likes are in with a much better chance than those who are new. Anyways thanks for your time and PM me if interested :)
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    I will gladly take you on. If you want me to be your master email me at: ggardiner847@gmail.com and make the subject "will you be my master?"
  4. Me and my pet will be willing to take another.

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