2 SLAVES? or is it 2 MASTERS?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by MASTERbenANDslaveMADI, Apr 19, 2011.

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    I am way new to the BDSM scene my fiancee/pet is bi and has also been into the scene for a while. Now since we have been serious we have thought about adding another her ex girlfriend. she has started talking to us but we don't know if she would want to be a second slave but we have also been flirting with the idea of having her as a second master. what do you think? What would be easier or harder and the reason? we only have one bed and I told my pet she is going to sleep next to the bed next to me in her dog bed she loves the idea of watching me with her friend and if we both want her we are just gonna have to share I have NEVER thought of sharing my pet but kinda turns me on any role play ideas too? Sorry for all the questions. PS we flip roles once a month so she can be in charge for a day. PPS SORRY FOR ALL THE RANDOMNESS JUST ALOT RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD SHE JUST SPRUNG THIS ON ME.
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    Many leather families include complex hierarchies of dominance. You might establish that you are the Master, your friend is submissive to you but dominant to your pet, and your pet is submissive to both of you. If your friend is not going to be submissive to you at all, you will need to work out rules about how your group handles disagreements between you and your friend. For example, if you give your pet one command and your friend gives a contradictory order, which one does your pet obey? And if you occasionally switch, how does that affect your relationship with the friend? Do you sub for both of them, or only for your pet? So the three of you need to think about what you want. Sit down and have an honest, open conversation with the three of you all at once. Let everyone put forward their desires and ideas openly and then work out the rules. Have a regular meeting (maybe once a week at first and then once a month after you develop a good rhythm) in which the three of you can air any grievances, suggest alterations to your rules, and so on.
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    Thanks sebastian u have helped:) we have just had a three way call for when she comes over she will be just like u said we still have some kinks no pun intended but we can work them out

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