2 Female Doms looking to train a third for their Master.

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    Hi. My partner and I are both bi-sexual females. We have an online male Dom'. He has instructed us to train and prepare a new bi' female sub for his use. Would you be interested in talking more about playing with us?

    I'm 24, about 5'5", brunette, grey eyes, average(ish) build and curvy. My partner is 29, 5'6", blonde, blue eyed, beautiful and slim.

    The sort of person we're looking for must be bi-sexual, and submissive (genuine switches welcome). Experience not necessary as our Master wishes us to find someone who will be trained as he wishes (no strange fetishes).

    Anal play, rope work, nipple clamps, spanking, whipping, humiliation, oral.

    We're very discrete girls and, while we're looking for some no-strings-attached fun, friendship would be great. Would like to meet up with you, have a drink and a chat and see how things go from there.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
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    Going to give this a "bump".

    We are based near London, and have about 5 years experience of BDSM each. Both competent switches.

    Also does anyone know anywhere else that might be good to look?

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    Erm... Pardon Henchook?
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