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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by xadier, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. xadier

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    I've always been curious about sounding, but never really tried it. Last night I had a good amount of alcohol in me so there was nothing hold back my curiosity. Obviously no fore thought or preparation was involved. I'd heard of people using a q-tip. So I grabbed one added some spit and went for it. I was nice and hard when I did, put it pretty much all the way in, and even had a great orgasm just as I was bringing it out.

    Fast forward to the next day... Ouch! It burns pretty bad when I pee now. No fun at all. :eek: I'm not bleeding or anything, just burns when I pee & my penis is kind of tender on the inside if I squeeze it.

    Anyone have experience in this area? When should I expect the pain when urinating to go away (please say it does)? Obviously things will be done differently next time, if there is a next time.
  2. Smallest

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    I'm female, but I have a few suggestions.

    -I imagine the pain would go away in a day or so
    -Try using something smoother (or a rod designed for sounding) next time. Cotton swabs are pretty catchy and might have scratched you.
  3. xadier

    xadier New Member

    Thanks for the replay. You're right, not the best choice of instrument to put in there.

    Well, it's day 2 and the pain is about the same. Really hope I didn't do any permanent damage.
  4. Moonlight

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    You may have given yourself a UTI. You may need to go to the doctor and give a urine sample. Irritation usually clears up within a day.
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Yeah the cotton probably scratched the inside of the urethra. It will probably heal naturally, although it's not impossible that you could get an infection. If it doesn't stop hurting in the next day or two, see a doctor. The good news is that urine is sterile, so you probably won't infect it that way. But do make an effort to get all the piss out of your cock, because as urine cools from body temperature it becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

    Now, here's the lesson you should learn from this: DO NOT PUT ANYTHING INTO YOUR URETHRA THAT ISN'T A MEDICAL PROBE. If you want to explore sounding, buy some purpose-made sounds made with surgical steel. Clean them well after sounding. Then sound your cock to your heart's delight.

  6. Is it really wrong to ask what exactly sounding is ....I like to learn.
  7. spider

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    It's basically using a purposely designed and removable blockage thatis slid into the urethra on a male to slow his orgasm and heighten sensations in the penis. It should always be done with a sterile tool designed for this (plenty are available on the net) and ones made out of inert materials are usually best. And xadier, if your pain persists you really need to see a doctor, urine contains Potassium, is acidic and trace amounts of it are always present. You may already know this but Potassium is very very reactive, (they used to make gun power out of pot ash collected from urine) if it comes into contact with the wrong materials especially in the presence of oxygen it can cause chemical burns, in this case only tiny ones, but enough to make you very uncomfortable for a week or so. it doesn't help that you drank alcohol, presumably beer, that pushes your Potassium levels up. Don't fret though, it's highly doubtful you've done anything that wont heal fairly quickly.
  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Maria: To elaborate on spider's explanation, a sound is a long thin metal rod that is inserted into the uretha. They have a medical use, but kinky guys sometimes use them for sexual purposes. Some guys find them painful, others find them very sensual, so the exact button they push varies from kinkster to kinkster.

  9. GAH!!! NOOOOO!!!! Don't do it drunk, and don't do it with anything that's not sterile or anything that could scratch or otherwise damage your junk.

    Sorry, but sounding makes me kind of nauseous to begin with, then imagining someone doing it drunk with a Q-tip makes me want to vomit blood like a geyser. Be CAREFUL! This reminds me of the time I got drunk and attempted to give myself an alcohol enema with a bottle of Captain Morgan's whilst exclaiming "ARGH! I'M GOING TO BE A BUTT PIRATE!" (And no, I was not successful, THANK GOD!)
  10. Moonlight

    Moonlight Member

    OMG! I have heard you can kill yourself doing that since the colon absorbs so easily. Good thing you didnt.
  11. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    Bunny, that wasn't perchance last Sept 19th? ahrrrg!
  12. sebastian

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  13. spider

    spider New Member

    All alcohol no matter how you absorb it (you can do it via the eye ball, it's not a good idea) gets absorbed directly into the blood stream and is carried to your liver and kidneys via the blood (through the rest of your body.) It's more a case that because it's not gone in the right way it hasn't been diluted by the various digestive fluids your intestines secrete and it's rate of absorption isn't controlled by your stomach trickling it into your intestines. It's probably one of the quickest ways to give your self alcohol poisoning.
  14. petercksap

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    Don't use cotton, it dry you out, you may need to go to the doctor

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