19yo Taboo Slave Boi Seeking Master for Serious Long-Term *Online* Relationship

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    I am here seeking to be enslaved and owned by an Older Male Master who will turn me into the nasty, filthy, deranged gutter slut I know have the potential to be. Since a very young age I have been aware of my interest and excitement at the idea of taking part in things considered naughty, nasty, filthy, taboo and 'wrong'. With no one to guide or nurture my kink side I haven't been able to develop and explore in the way I craved. I have experienced various forms of play, kinks and fetishes but almost all in a limited, secret and solo capacity. I am searching to find someone I can learn from and that I can talk to freely about anything, to know all my secrets and control and own me in every way possible.. I need a Master who will guide, understand and teach me to experience it all, every scenario, every avenue of depravity and who will eventually control most aspects of my life.

    This would be online relationship that would be long-term, serious & very regular. I am able to communicate through email, messengers, mic, chat sites, phone, text etc. I am able to go on cam daily, perform on cam very regularly, complete + document tasks with videos and pictures daily and carry out training, rules, restrictions and tasks while offline. My ideal master would be extremely strict, nasty, kinky & perverted but also a patient & caring Master who I could come to trust and therefore submit to totally.

    I am 19, I am bi and single. I am 5"9' tall, 160lbs, long blonde hair, blue eyes, white, slim and smooth. I live at home with my parents. I have interest in a very wide array of kinks and fetishes, generally speaking the more filthy, nasty, extreme and kinky the better. My fetish list covers alot but certainly not all of my interests - I have a very special interest in certain kinks more so then others, I am very interested in;

    Anal Training/Play, Bizarre, Blackmail, Bondage, Bukkake, CBT, Cum Play, Degradation/Humiliation, Drinking, Feminization/Sissification, Forced Intoxication, Gagging, Human Toilet, Insertion, Messy, Oral, Orgasm Control, Porn, Extreme RP (Rape Play, Nazi Play, Age Play etc.), Scat, Semi-Public, Smoking, Taboo, Toilet Control, Toilet Play, X Dressing, Water sports + lots more (See Fetish List).*

    I want my master to have few limits, to be into everything nasty - a total kinkster & perv. I love older pervs, the idea of being a slave to someone old enough to be my daddy is a insanely hot. I really am a filthy lil boy just waiting to be taught and trained into the perfect object. I want to be used, dominated, humiliated, broken and turned into my Owners personal pet, toy, plaything. The idea of having my life controlled, being nothing but a slut toy and object to be enslaved, owned, used and trained in every way imaginable and no one around me even knowing, drives me crazy, I obsess over such thoughts.

    If you are interested or wish to know more please message me - I'd love to chat to you
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