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    Im in 2nd year college and I am looking for male master. I am new at this and don't really know what to do. I don't know if I want to webcam b/c I don't really want my identity out there but I don't mind taking photos or talking via phone.. I am up for anything except excrements, permanent disfigurement and blood.

    I really am new and hopefully get replies.
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    Hi, I sent you a PM.

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    i am dominating by nature and is looking for female submissive for online relation.
    i am tough, but very much comfortable to show patience to get things done from the subs. i am one who respect the limits of subs and would expect same from the subs. i would prefer inexperienced submissive females. i would demand 100% dedication and loyalty from them and should be eager to learn and extend their limits. age and look has never been a concern for me.

    experienced subs are also welcome.

    if any thing you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to get it cleared from me.
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    Hi, I sent you a PM, please read it.
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