18yo male slave looking for Mistress/Master

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    Hello All,

    I’m an 18 years old slave boy from the Netherlands and I’m looking for an online Mistress/Master. I’d like to be dominated, humiliated and if you want feminized by email. You can give me daily/weekly assignments I have to complete and I’ll send you picproof or a video. However, i’m also open for other ideas. Everything is discussable.

    - Height: 1.73 m (5.7 Ft.)
    - Weight: 102 kg (225 lb)
    - Haircolor: Brown
    - Eyecolor: Blue
    - Public Hair: Yes, but can be shaved.
    - Piercings/Tatoos: No
    - Penis Size: Flacid: 0.9 Inch Hard: 5.5 Inch

    Limits: Animals, Blood, Full Public, Full Body Shaving, Permanent
    Likes: All the rest

    - Blindfold
    - Ropes / Laces
    - Padlocks
    - Clamps
    - Weights
    - Vibrator
    - 4 Buttplugs
    - Diapers
    - Silicon Vagina
    - Thongs / Panties / Bras / Dresses
    - More can be bought if you desire

    You can contact me via PM or by email: slipjeslover3@gmail.com
    Greetings, SlaveDutch
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