18M/Genderqueer looking for online doms of either gender

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    I'm an 18 year old boy, effeminate/genderqueer/I dunno and have been submissive for forever (when I was a little boy I always liked playing as the trapped animal, that kind of thing, and I can tell it was the same urge that makes me a sub/slave today). I live in the south of France and I guess I might be okay with hooking up in real life, but I'm also interested in just online relationships.

    I am interested in being a complete slave or a pet, not just a bedroom sub. It turns me on and it makes me feel sort of fulfilled and safe and happy and secure. Loved. I've never been a slave or even a sub in real life, but I've roleplayed with a couple of people online.

    I don't necessarily want an online master or mistress (I would love one but I'm also just looking for friends). I'd just like to meet some dominant types to talk to because I don't know any. That said, if you are looking for an online slave or pet then I'd be very interested.


    This is me.

    I have MSN, YIM and Skype. Send me a PM if you're interested, please!

    PS: If you are interested in taking me on as a sub, my limits are that I won't do anything that would do permanent physical harm to myself (so if you wanted me to cane myself or something then I'd do my best, but I wouldn't lop off a body part) and, although I would like to please you, I just don't think I'm brave enough to do things like crossdressing in public, or flashing in public or something... I'd try, though... maybe I'd manage with a little training and nurturing... I also won't do anything that involves other people without their consent.
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