18 year old male looking for experianced female dom

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by bondageboy18, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, my names Sam but on here i also go as bondageboy18. Well what can i say, I've loved the idea of BDSM for some time now, however i've reached my limit with what the internet has to offer and now i want to try it all for myself. I've never had any experiance with it what so ever, the whole thing kind of frightens me but at the same time excits me as well. I guess thats how its meant to be for someone whos new to the world of bdsm. What im ideally looking for is an experianced female dom, who can introduce to the world of BDSM and show me all the things im missing out on. Age range i guess would be between 18 to 35. I don't want to go to fast, i'd like to be slowly introduced to the scene. I prefer the whole bondage concept and plesure involved in BDSM but nothing too extreme. Now a bit about myself, im 18, around 5'9'', slender build with longish brown hair and green eyes. Almost feminine really, i would be happy to provide pics once i feel comfotable with it. I currently live in Essex but with easy access to London. Looking forward to see if i get any replies. Speak to you soon.
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