18/m/sub- Searching for dedicated Mistress to break and train me.

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    I am educated and I am eager. I am also nearing the age of nineteen and I have the fire of youth. What I mean by this is while I love to be dominated, I don't just roll over. I need broken and I know that. It's a truth about myself that I am willing to admit. Perhaps I will lose this aggression through training and learning, but I will be honest ... I am not a crumbling cookie.

    I am seeking a Mistress at the max age of 38 who will break me and train me and introduce me to the world of BDSM. I didn't notice this in another thread I looked at, but I will post pictures. I am willing to offer my number for contact and rl meeting is not out of the question but initially i would prefer online. As far as meeting is concerned, i work 40 hours a week with plenty of bills, it would be more than likely that the Mistress would need to come to me. Again, that isn't disallowing the opposite, just letting you know my visitation is unlikely in my current economic state.

    I am young and I am versatile. I am also completely open to any training and educating you have to offer me. Please do not overlook me, I think I may have a lot of potential and I simply need someone to unlock that for me. Thank you for reading.

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