18/m/sub/ looking for female dom (have web cam)

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    Dear Ladies,

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my post

    I’m an 18 year old high school senior, with a lot of free time as soon as my app are done, who lives in a suburban town in the US. I’m looking for a female mistiest to have a relationship of substance over web cam, not one night stands.

    I’m in a unique situation with my role in the BDSM community. I’m a switch; I met a slave in real life and have been topping her for 6 mouths. This is fulfilling my need to top, even though we only see each other once a month because we live 3 hours apart. This leaves me feeling unfulfilled with my need to bottom. My relationship with my bottom would not interfere with my ability to serve my top, rather it could enhance it in the future if, after trust was gained, we could do scene as the 3 of us. I have never bottomed be for, but would really love to, I feel I would need a strict mistress to keep me in line.

    As for my appearance 6†2’, tan skinned, dark hard, slime and I would like to think built. (I have a 6-pack)

    Like: Mantle Doming, Anal, Orgasm Denial, Privet Humiliation, Forced Masturbation, Edging Cum Play, Mild/heavy Self Bondage, Watersports, Forced Orgasm messy , Light CBT and I’m always will to try anything once.

    Limits: blood, illegal, friends and family, anything that is safe sane consensual. ( Not will to show face well nude until I trust is gained)

    Toy: a lot of rope and I know how to use it, enema, panty, paddle, cane, dildo, plugs, spreader bar, cam and good lighting and good mike (some of these are home made, but I’m pretty good with my hands so I’m able to make a lot)

    If you are a female mistress who is looking for a dictated sub to call your own, then you can claim me by sending me a PM with any and all information you feel is important to share with me along with any questions you might have.

    Thanks to all who took the time to read through this,

    Kind regards,


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