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  1. SFbound4fun

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    Can someone explain 001 files to me ? I found a post that had a bunch of these type of files in a folder

    media.7z.003 and etc >>> media.7z.026

    And they are the same size of 655mb -

    I know the website's movies aren't that long in duration.

    Are each of the files holding more then 1 movie and just get extracted in WinRAR ? or is it 1 big massive file (16gb) and I would have to download each file and then join them ?

    I really only want 1 file from that website and I'm not too crazy about the idea of downloading 16gb to find 1 file...

    This is the link to the post:

    Thanks !
  2. master jey

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  3. Aibo

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    Yep he made a big chunk of it, to assemble them you need one archiving program like Free file splitter, or Hjsplit - small programs that despite their names also can put files together.
  4. Kor

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    They're a big file chopped into pieces. You can reassemble them with this command:

    cat yourfile.avi.[0-9][0-9][0-9] > yourfile.avi

    ...replacing "yourfile.avi" with the name of the file you want to reassemble; that is, yourfile.avi instead of yourfile.avi.001.

    Usually you'll find some .par files with similar names; they contain data for error correction in case one of the pieces of the main file gets damaged during transmission. If you have par files, use something like this

    par2 repair yourfile.avi.par2
    parchive2 repair yourfile.avi.par2

    to check for errors.

    When you're done, you can delete everything except the finished .avi file.
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